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Pictures w/ the cast

Pictures of us with the cast of "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown

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December 5, 1998 matinee at the Wilmington Playhouse in Delaware.

My Playbill signed by everyone but Kristin Chenoweth

Me (Anna) and Anthony Rapp
The long awaited and Anthony Rapp (the god of adorableness...he is!!) He's such a sweetie-pie and he's a kutie as Charlie Brown (his voice is amazing!!!)

Me and Roger Bart (HUGZ!)
Ok this guy is such a sweetie!! He's the nicest most adorable person and a GREAT singer!!!! (next to Anthony ^_-) If you see the show I suggest you talk to him because he's just amazing and nice to talk to!!

My friend Erin and Anthony Rapp
Can ya tell she was happy?? Well she was...we all were!! Thank you Ant for making that day memorable!!!

April 8, 1999 matinee at the Ambassador Theatre in New York.

My Playbill signed by the entire cast

Ilana Levine, looking very pretty!!

Anthony Rapp signing autographs

Anthony Rapp

Stanley Wayne Mathis
I love his smile!!!

B.D. Wong
Never ever listen to "My Blanket and Me" and THEN watch Substitute doesn't go well!!!

Me and Anthony Rapp
My sis is bad with a camera...he's tall cause he's on his rollerblades and he snuck up on me!!

Andi and Anthony Rapp

Kristin Chenoweth, looking as cute as ever!!!
Is she a kutie or what?

Roger Bart waving HI to us!
He remembered us!! Told ya we were coming! =)

Roger the Italiano! "Hey Cipollone!"
Roger Bart messing with me and Andi cause of our "hard to pronounce Italian last name" as he put it. We taught him the English and Italian pronunciation! He liked the "Italian" version better! As you can see.

Andi and B.D. Wong

****Special congrates drawing for Kristin!! YAY and she won!!!
Kristin as Sally turned japanamation!
It was supposed to look like her but Kristin is sooo much more adorable!!