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Happiness is...another Charlie Brown site!

You're a good man, Charles "Sparky" Schulz

November 26, 1922- February 13, 2000

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Charles Schulz passed away the night of Feb. 13 and for over 50 years had one of the most famous and amazing comics ever..."Peanuts". The wonderful characters, each with their own style and personality will never be forgotten...and neither will he. Happiness is YOU Charles Schulz. Thanks for bringing this wonderful comic into our life.


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Hello everyone, Anna here. Sorry I don't update this site anymore. There's really nothing left to do with it. All my pictures are up (and should be rescanned, I know). The lyrics page was lost and I don't know if I will redo the ENTIRE musical...but we shall see. There's a new message board, The Forbidden Forest Just click on the YAGMCB Forum and chat away. My e-mail address for this page is feel free to write to me there. Well...that's about it! Thank you all for supporting this humble web page, I will not take it down (for now). It may be relocated though. Bye.

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You were a great show Charlie Brown...sad to say, the revival of "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" has closed on Broadway, June 13, 1999. The cast and show will be greatly missed...they made us laugh and cry...but mostly, it made us smile. We'll miss you Charlie Brown!! I know I sure will. I'll miss the humor, the music and the cast! Best of luck to you all!!

***Just letting you know this page is in no way official, some of the pictures were in fact taken from the Official Site. The site is just a small dedication to a wonderful show and an amazing cast!

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