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The following are my little contributions to the fanfic world on the World Wide Web. Yeah, they aren't much but, hey, they're something, right?

Strange Bedfellows is my first try at any sort of cross over. It has Law&Order's cast of New York's finest paired up with the spooky two-some (Mulder and Scully) of The X-Files to solve a mysterious murder and catch a serial killer. It is as of yet a work in progress but when it is done it will hopefully be the pilot for a series of L&O/X-Files fanfic. I'd like to thank ahead of time the people over at Fox And Rat- The Virtual Series for the inspiration to create a series. They are the most messed up minds out there (aside from me, that is) and I love'em for that. :) Make sure to check out their little home online. You won't regret it!

The Thanksgiving This is my first attempt at fanfic. It's based on The X-Files but I wouldn't say you needed to know much about the show to enjoy this piece of fanfic. It gives some insight into what I think Agent Scully's family is like and what kind of Thanksgiving Agent Mulder would have with them.

Now sit back, relax, and take a look around. Feedback is much appreciated. :) Thanks peeps!

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Strange Bedfellows

Work In Progress (A more updated version of this story is availible on my other site, 'The View From Behind The Desk'. I'll be updating the copy on this site soon, but until then you can read new stuff at my other site. Sorry about that.)

The Thanksgiving


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Do you like "Law&Order"? If you do, or if you're enjoying reading "Strange Bedfellows", I highly recommend you stop by my Sam Waterston, Jack McCoy, and "Law&Order" fan site. There's more fanfic (mostly "L&O" centered) and info on Sam, Jack, and "L&O". Just click on the link and you're there.

The View From Behind The Desk

The Thanksgiving is now a part of the archives at CharlieFic. Yea!!! :)

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