The Life and Times of Sheba
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Sheba was born on the 3rd Sept.2000. She looks like a Panda Bear, very Fluffy clean and cuddly. Sheba is very brave and very strong. I normally do not allow her to go outside and play but when she makes up her mind to run outside, no one can stop her
She eats Whiskas (the original flavor) and surprisingly wont eat any fish. She will eat kitty snacks, but never eats human food. Although she is very active, Sheba weighs a ton. I think she now weighs around 20 pounds

Sheba lives with 3 other pets, her twin brother Bogie and my two Shih Tsus Buddah and Josie

'BOGIE', is a BLACK CAT, with a few white toes, and a biggish head. He looks something like this My Bogie Now

Two of the awards Sheba is proud of
'Purrfect Site' Award
You can apply for Sheba's award by clicking on the award

Sheba, is an independant cat. But when she needs love she can be really affectionate. She is beautiful and very gentle. My doggie Buddah plays up hell with her and she always manages to escape so gracefully.

This is Sheba's brand new website, I deleted the older one as it was getting rather cluttered. In time I will add more information about Sheba and Cat Links, check back regularly for updates.

Mark's website, he so kindly drew this picture for Caitlin and Sheba

This was specially drawn for a little girl I once knew. Her Mommy went to heaven so my Mommy wrote a letter to the 'talented artist' Mark Parisi and asked him to please make something special for Caitlin and Me The artist's Cat and Dog sketches, appear in a hundred newspapers everyday, and he so very kindly made our wish come true. Click here to visit the Artist. You will love his sketches.