My Shih Tzu Buddah, and a message to people who don't own pets.

My Shih Tzu Buddah.
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I love Buddah unconditionally, For those of you who don't have pets, or for those of you who don't know the happiness pets bring you in your life. Know that people with pets consider their pets family. The way Buddah loves me, and loving him back, is an emotion I can not explain. I forgive him for everything, I pretend to be mad and angry but end up hugging and kissing him even more than before. I find it more difficult, if a human being does the same thing I do not forgive them so easily.(ok you can call me mad about this aspect). I never knew what 'unconditional love' was, before he came into my life. There is no love more unconditional than the love from your pet.

I love his face, his walk/wabble, his body, His attitude and his mind. (he sure has one) I kiss and cuddle him whenever I can. I speak to him, and about him any chance I get. He is clean, cleaner than most human beings. He is always on his best behaviour when he goes out, he makes a lot less of a mess, than most kids do when they show up at your house. He is playful like a kid, but won't bring the house down when he demands attention.

So for you people who don't have pets, and don't understand the joy and happiness our pets bring us. Please know that our pets are just as precious as your kids are to you. They are our family. Just like you would love your little Jamie and Suzie no matter how whiny and antagonizing and demanding they can get. We love our little Buddahs', Charlies' Kiwis' Puds' and Joeys and Scottys'. We love them the same way, with the same intesity. One thing I wish you would never say to me is, "oh he is just a dog" and give him old food on a dirty plate. My Buddah eats what I eat, unseasoned, and in a plate as clean as mine and yours is. Buddah is our best friend, constant companion, and a big part of our family.

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Buddah was born on the 8th December 2000 and he was brought into my life on the 14th January 2001. I was thrilled and started training him from day one. We had two cats, Sheba and Bogie, who came to survey the scene and check him out. Sheba a female, took to him instantly and started using her maternal instinct to protect him. Bogie was not yet neutered took an instant dislike to him and retreated to the spare bedroom trying to rip it apart. He jumped sky high and kicked everything in sight. He hated the thought Little Buddah came to live with us.

I knew instinctivly something had to be done for the two to be able to live harmoniously under one roof. so I took Bogie to the vet and got him neutered. Much to my relief, he turned out to be Buddah's best mate and companion. No more jealousy, no more tantrums. On the other hand Sheba lost a bit of her maternal instinct, and sort of kept to herself and let Buddah and Bogie get on with their antics.

Buddah loves to play with toys and loves to chew on his bone. He has never destroyed anything in our home. He is loving, friendly and I must say, "a bit of a cling on". He goes everywhere I go and honestly thinks he is the baby of the house. .

Visit Josie. I adopted her when she was 9 years old.

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