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Some Friends

Okey so these ppl don't need no introduction...this is US!!!We all look pretty....ehm...strage on this one...but to our excuse, this was during our working on the written give us working ppl a brake!!!;)

Another Great friend(that i don't have a picture of yet) is Sabrina!!She's a fun person too..but she's moved aaaaall the way to canada lately..might get to see her this summer though;)
Not Forgetting Chloe(yet another persone with no picture:)..Her i've known for as long as Birgitte...but we only got to see each other during the summers..her living in france and all

This guy is tha Raphachuuu him selv..(i'll be killed for saying it though...but hey, if you first get to be a pokemon..haha)A real nice guy when you first get to know him, though he's convinced Switzerland is the place to be...(maybe he's right...they've got greaaaaaat chocolate!!:)