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These pictures show my little place..okey so it's not very tidy..but then again, it's more important to have a cozy home i think!
They say a persons mind can be judged out of the way he organizes his desk....but what about the ppl that has nothing on theirs??;)

My Plaze

main rooom more or less

other side of the room(think u can see the end of the bed in the right corner....:)

and this is my kitchen!!!

Looks a bit more messy now...whit plates and stuff waiting to be washed up..hehe

And this is my garden...well not just's more like the building's garden...but still:)

And even if it's not easy to see, the grass is greeeeen!!weee:)

The 3following are just to show the new furniture and how messy my place is...:)

Rest of my one way or the other;)