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My brother Ken's (or Herbie's) page... rather extensive, interesting, informative, and fun to look around in. Current work in progress: "Zombie Movie". There's nothing more I can say... go see for yourself... hehe :)

Nerd news. Speaks for itself, really. Be sure to check out the merchandise. :)

Barnes 'n Noble!

Here's where I find all my cool books to keep my brain occupied.

Longwood Gardens

The homepage of one of the most beautiful places I have seen in my limited travels. I just wish this site featured more pictures...

University of Delaware

UD's homepage. Put here in honor of one particular member of last year's graduating class. :)

Suntory Midori!

Mmmmmmmmmmm... Midori Sours. :) My absolute favorite path to tipsiness.

Uncle Figgy's Guide to good Game Mastering

A throwback to my days as a girl gamer... really interesting, if you've ever played AD&D or other dice-rolling combat RPGs.

Pokemon Pikachu!

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