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Harmful Pranks

Salt shaker

Buy a resturant salt shaker (the kind with the pop off lids) and take off the lid. Then fill it 1/3 full with straight lemon juice. Keeping it upright tear off a small square sheet of paper towel, enough to cover the lid of the shaker. Then set it on top of the shaker and push it into the salt shaker without going all the way but enough to form a small cup at the top portion inside the "fake" salt shaker. Fill this portion with baking soda, then put on the lid and trim any extra towel off the edges so it is not visible, then with scotch tape tape the holes on the top of the salt shaker. Then replace it with your local Mcdonalds salt shaker of the same color, when your victim goes to shake for the salt the two ingrediants mix causing the cap to shoot off into the meal ruining it.

Car Handle

When you know that your victim is going to enter their car pretty soon about five minutes before they enter their car heat up the metal door handle with a lighter, then hide.

Shaving Cream

Buy five cans of barbasol at the store. Freeze them in the freezer then take them out and cut off the aluminum can, then stick the frozen barbasol chunks in the victims car, when they melt they will fill the car with shaving cream.

Three way call

Program your victim on speed dial, then the number of a unsuspecting second person. Pick up the phone dial the victims on speed dial, then quikly press flash and speed dial the second person then hangup. The two people have no idea who called who, each trying to blame the other.

Glow Stix

Take one of those glow rod things, break it so that it starts to glow. Cut it open and pour the crap inside on something and throw it at someone. Do it at night, it is funny.

Hell at McDonald's

Take a small box of rice crispies from a variety pack to your local McDonald's, Burger King, etc.. On the perforated side, tear or cut that entire side from the box, including the wax paper inside. Next, lay an unfolded napkin over the open top, then holding it with both hands, slowly turn upside down on the table. Slip the napkin out. Go ahead and finish your hamburger, then leave. Stick around outside and observe the bustboy/girl's reaction when he picks up the box! Rice Crispies spill all over the table!

Instant divorce

Invite another couple to dinner at a nice family restaurant. Then some how, get your wife to go to the ladies' restroom to "powder her nose". While she's gone, slip the salt and pepper shakers into her purse, covering them up. When dinner is over, and you go to wait in line to pay for your meal, tell the cashier that you'd also like to pay for the salt and pepper shakers that's in you wife's purse,(sounding apologetic),explaining that your wife can't help what she does, and that she just likes to collect them from different places. This may embarrass her, so make sure she's in a good mood.

Free meal

Type on a piece of paper, "This meal is free". With scissors, cut it out, about the size of the fortunes inside the fortune cookies. Go to your local Chinese restaurant, enjoy a nice dinner, then when the waiter gives you the fortune cookies, wait until he leaves, then present your phony fortune to the cashier when you go to pay for your meal and tell her this is what you found inside your fortune cookie. If you dont get your meal free, next time you go there, insert a dead fly inside the fortune cookie,and insist you'd like some compensation.

An old classic

Lift the seat on a toilet, and stretch a piece af plastic wrap reallytight on the seat. When the person uses the bathroom, it will be all on the plastic and not in the toilet.

Tons of suds

Put bucket's of liquid detergent in a city fountain. try to find one in the middle of an intersection, and it will be very busy, so do it in the early hours of the morning. The best stuff we found to use was called 'eureka', coz it's really bubbley. the bigger the fountain, the more soap is required, it can be expensive, not too bad though, if there are a few people to contribute, and it makes an awful mess all over the road......bubbles everywhere. you can also dye the water. we used a dye that is VERY strong, called RIT, it is meant for clothes.

Garden gnomes

we took three garden gnomes from someones garden (i have no idea who's garden it was) and took them on a holiday with us. then we sent post cards to the owners from the gnomes. we had photos outside parliament house, at nite clubs, on the beach, all the typical aussie tourist spots. we wrote detailed letters, explaing their 'life' one Gnome found love, and stayed in an interstate garden that we found, and sent 'wedding photos', another committed suicide, we sent a picture of him hanging from a noose, (you could make him 'jump of a builing') and the other became a drunk....junkie, and then returned home, along withpiles of beer cans and rubbish like that. it takes a lot of effort, andtime, but it's worth it. can also move peoples garden gnomes around in there garden, from timeto time, it's less effort. sometimes under the tree, or in a flower bed,

Squished kitty

Make a fake cat out of cardboard and put marbles in the eyes. Put it in the middle of the road late at night. Watch from a bush as cars swerve to miss it.

Bathroom thuds

Put cooking oil on toilet seats, it will be impossible to stay on. Listen for thuds as people look like klutzes.

Craps(and not the game)

Put a couple of drops of visine in someones cereal and they crap like crazy.

Shaving mess

Put about five cans of shaving cream in the freezer for a few days. Then take them out and peel away the metal with pliers. Put the shaving cream blocks into a cooler and put them all in someone's car. Be sure to put one in the glove box. For added humor, buy about 500 crickets from a pet shop and release them in the car too.

The poor man's "Do not disturb sign"

Put a lubricated condom on a door hadle.

Gooey lipstick

Put a few drops of rubbing alcohol on someone's lipstick. It will turn to mush when they try to apply it so it slips all over their face.


You can stick popcorn kernals in somebodys muffler and after they drive around for a little bit they will probably be smelling popcorn! If you know of any other good pranks to play then email me using the link at the bottom of the page.