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Heres the story. Most of you S Club 7 fans know that Jo was in a semi famous band in Germany before joining with the troope... but not many of you actually know anything about this group, or what happened when Jo left, so I've decided to take it upon myself to fill you all in.

The band was called 2-4 Family, and sometime in 1998 (between July and October, I can't remember) they released a single called "Stay" which actually did very well on the charts and ended up on a well known compilation album (Bravo Hits 22).

"Stay" - real audio

This song rocked! Only thing was... right after it was released Jo quit the band. Probably to join S Club 7 right? (Thats probably what you're all thinking), but I watched an interview with the remainder of 2-4 Family just after she quit, and they explained that Jo had to quit because she was pregnant. Basically I have no idea whether she was or wasn't, all I know is thats what they said on German TV.

Bit of a mystery isn't it.