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Heres a small collection of sound clips from the "Here I am" album by Gil. Tal plays bass on these songs. All clips are in MP3 format, to be played on an MP3 player (logically). If you don't have one, I recommend Winamp, to download it click here.

More sounds will be coming soon.

Am I Crazy? (617KB)
I Need you (780KB)
For Heavens Sake (759KB)
If you Only Knew (510KB)
Round'n'Round (578KB)

I've never actually heard Tal's voice, so if anyone could help me there (send me a wav. or something) that would be greatly appreciated... I might even pay you. For real! I'm that desperate! Apparently his voice is deeper than Gil's, and it's also rumoured that Tal sings back up on "Come on, Come on". He's supposedly the deep voice on the second 'come on, come on' in the chorus. I'm not sure if this is true, but if anyone is curious, here's a sound clip of the chorus. Tell me what you think. Sounds like Gil to me.

comeon.mpg (224KB)
comeon.wav (495KB)