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This site hosts 206 screenshots from Hanson's electronic press kit video. It comes with the 'If Only' single.

If any images don't load properly, thats geocities fault. Right click and push 'show image'.

Just click any thumbnails on the left menu to get the full picture. There are about 70 pictures in each menu. Every picture is 606 x 454 and in jpg format. They may take a while to load depending on your computer speed. Some are better quality than others. (btw, they make fantastic desktop wallpapers! They're the right size, just stretch 'em!)

If you want to take some of these pics for your site, go ahead, but please link back and give me some credit. If you do use these pictures, please download them onto your own computer, and don't link to them through this site. That will only make the images slower to load.

The EPK video was 8 mins and 35 seconds, and I also have the audio that goes along with it. It's a really large file though... 13.7MB in MP2 format. I'll be uploading it sometime this week (hopefully before Sunday 16th of April), so check back soon to see if its up.

I would've uploaded the whole movie, but considering its 188MB... I think I did the next best thing. Hope you enjoy!