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The Gil Ofarim Network

My favorite place. Cool videos and heaps of pics. I know its a Gil page, and not a Tal page, but it still has info on Tal (and he's on the videos too! Not much of him... but he's there!).

Tal Rocks : Yahoo Club

This is the first (and only?) club for Tal on the net. Grab your Yahoo ID and join!

The first Tal Ofarim site

This page is just starting up. They claim to be the very first Tal site on the web except *cough* this page is actually the first, but I don't wanna argue over the title... Oh yeah, its American too.

I'd be happy to put up any other links people send me. Please make sure your site has something to do with Tal. I'm not prepared to clog up the links page with a whole load of URLs for Gil.