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In 1998 I went on an exchange to Germany, which is also where I was born. Things there didn't go too well... but thats not the point. One day as I was minding my own business (lol) I turned on the TV, and saw the video clip for "If you only knew" by Gil and the Moffatts. Me being the idiot I am, and not knowing much about the Moffatts except that Scott was cute, I thought that Gil was Scott with long hair.

I'm not kidding.

I was sitting there thinking "Wow, growing his hair long really did Scott a world of good." I even wrote my friend Sarah a letter about it.

The next day I bought myself a Popcorn magazine, and there was an artical about Gil. I quickly realized that Gil was not Scott, and not a girl either (and I threw away that letter I was about to send). So then I was on this Gil obsession thing... I went to a huge concert called PopKomm, where they had a whole bunch of stages and about 400 bands stretched across three days. Me and my friends went on the day Gil was supposed to play. My friends wanted to yell obscenities at him because they thought he sucked, so I was disappointed, but a tiny bit relieved that Gil didn't show up because of scheduling problems. This whole time I knew nothing about Tal.

It was about a month later when I watched the Dome on TV, where I first spotted him. As the camera faded from Gil to Tal on the line "If you would be mine" my first thought was "Oh my god, what the hell is Zac hanson doing on stage with Gil... and hes grown his hair!" (seems everyones grown their hair in this story), luckily I taped the Dome, so I soon figured out that 'Zac' wasn't Zac at all... but I didn't know who it was.

Then my host family kicked me out... so I had to come back to New Zealand. And DAMN I had tickets to the Popcorn super show where Gil was playing. It was only once I came home that I finally figured out who the mystery guy was, and I got the CD sent to me from Germany.

Wasn't that just the nicest story you've ever heard? Now I'm even more angry about Gil not being at PopKomm.

Anyways, if any of you guys are obsessed with Tal too (or as my friend would put it "extremely dedicated"), please email your equally boring stories about your first Tal encounters here.

Hey here's another hair story!

I have a little similar "hair Tal story" 'cuz when I saw "Round&Round" for the first time I though that Tal was Gil but You know with shorter hair...And then when I watched it with my friends she said that it's somebody else,maybe his brother.
And then I read in Bravo 'bout Gil in hospital because of that "ear thing".
And there was a picture with him and Tal and there was writen that he's 13 year old brother visit him every day.And so from the first time I though that Tal's even more more more more cute than Gil.And there it goes my Tal obssesion.