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Nicknames: Talen, Prozac

Date of birth: 20/03/83 (That would make me 16)

Place of Birth: Cologne, Germany

Country I live in: New Zealand

Fav CDs: “Here I am” – Gil. (Hasn’t left my CD player since I got it), my Hanson CDs (all 16 of them), my Metallica CDs, especially Load and the Black album, Silverchair “Neon Ballroom”, and “Brothers in Arms” – Dire Straits

Fav songs: “Where’s the love” – Hanson, “The Unforgiven” – Metallica, “Outlaw torn” – Metallica, “Ana’s song” – Silverchair, “Baby one more time” – Britney Spears (I know I know… don’t tease me), “I just want you” – Ozzy Osborne, “Round ‘n’ Round” – Gil (and Tal!), “If you only knew” – Gil (Tal Tal Tal!!)

Fav foods: Ice cream, white chocolate, white chocolate fudge cookies, custard (as you can see, I’m quite a healthy person).

Fav things to do:
-Sit on the computer for hours, only to get off and not be able to name a thing that I’ve done on it. Now that’s what I call productive.
-Listen to music really really really loud and lean against the speakers.
-Play with my belly button ring (although I know I shouldn’t)
-Play bass!

Things I love:
-My cat Noodles
-Music, all types
-My computer...
-Bass guitars (my one especially)
-Bass players (ones with long blond hair)
-The Neverending Story (movies don’t get much better than that)

Things I hate:
-When Noodles pees all over the house and in my bed
-When I lose my CDs, or step on them
-My room (it’s messy)
-Money (or lack of)

Instruments: Used to play piano, used to play guitar, now I’m onto my new victim… the bass guitar!

My dream...

The 6 stringed bass... ahhh.....

Things I don't need to see:

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