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This is just your basic run of the mill info. I didn't want to make an info page at first, but then I thought, 'what if you didn't even know who the hell Tal was? Wouldn't you want to know a little about him?', so I made a small info page, wanting to stay away from such teeny bopper tidbits like what color his toothbrush is etc. (I did name his favorite color though...)

Full name: Tal Emanuel Ofarim Reichstadt (Tal means 'morning dew' in Hebrew)

Age: 14

Birthdate: 24. August 1984

Starsign: Virgo

Height: 168 cm (I don't know what that is in feet)

Band: Plays for Gil, his brother.

Instrument: Bass, can also play guitar and keyboards

Fav color: Blue