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1998 September Releases! Death Star Droid, Imperial Officer, Labria, Leia in Hoth Gear, Lobot, Luke in Bespin Fatigues, Mon Mothma. They have released a new book called: Essential Guide to Moons and Planets Fairly new releases- Yoda in Dagobah, Darth Vader in Chamber12" Grand Moff Tarkin w/droid, Expanded Universe Cloud Car w/pilot, Expanded Universe Airspeeder w/pilot,
Older releases- Epic Force Darth Vader, and Luke Skywalker, Remote Control R2-D2


Ceremonial 3 pack with Leia in ceremonial gown, Luke in ceremonial attire and ahn in ceremonial attire!!! Jabba's SE Band!! If made will include Yuzzum-new lead singer Two new flute players Sy Snootles Jo Yowen (Little Turtle Guy) Drummers Dancers: Rystall, Lyn Me, and Greeata Yarna and Oola Max Rebo and Droopy McCool!!! Also rumored B-Wing, Y-Wing and TIE Incepter!! It would be soooo cool if these rumors happened - None of these rumors are from me!!! Mainly from Jim's Home Page (in my links)

Top Ten Star Wars Action Figures

From My Point of View

1. Darth Vader w/removable helmet

2. Luke Bespin

3. B'Omarrk Monk

4. Luke w/Wampa

5. 12" Chewbacca

6. SE (Speical Edition) Luke

7. Rancor w/ Luke Skywalker

8. Taun-Taun w/ Luke Skywalker

9. Han & Luke in Sotrmtrooper Gear (Kay Bee)

10. Leia in Slave Gear

What in your opinion are the top ten Star Wars Action Figures? E-mail me with you choices or let me know what you think by writing in the guestbook


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