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-----Okay everyone, here are the rules my friends... this is the new DE Shadows page. Notice the shiny new logo and wiz image map to the side. Use these buttons to more eaily access the stes within. There's been some content change here at the site, but don't fear. The original page will be located below in all of its glory. To read more info specific and updated stuff, navigate the cool new pages.-----

DE SysOp (08-30-60/14:28:25)


-----Hoi, chummers! Here's some more data for you on one of the U.C.A.S.'s best kept secrets. Not may people bother to think about this part of the country, but there's more shadowplay there than you'd think. I grew up there, and although I haven't the time to write about it myself, an old chummer of mine will take you by the hand through the Small Wonder. So scan all the data on Delaware: what used to be the first state back in the good old U.S. of A.-----

De SysOp {03-27-57/02:56:24}

-----Dela where?-----

Burnup {03-28-57/14:24:57}


-----My apologies, Burnup, but I've heard that bad joke way too many times.-----

De SysOp {03-28-57/14:26:23}
The Corporate State, by BlueHen

Delaware, the forgotten land. A place that once held beauty, even if only a little. The place has changed in many ways, but in some ways it is still the same. Even though the state is small, there's still plenty going on here.

But before I start spouting history, here's some of the vitals. Delaware is the next to smallest state in the U.C.A.S. It lies on the middle of the east coast, and is approximately 90 miles from top to bottom and anywhere from 9 to 16 miles across.

-----Who slotting cares? Is this a fragging civics lesson?-----

Slicer {04-04-57/23:14:04}

-----Despite the fact that you won't listen anyway, I'll point out the fact that you'd better know. When you running a t-bird across the state, those last few miles to the shore can be crucial. Did a run for a johnson there once and just barely made it to the coast to meet with the traders who were taking the contraband I had from Wilmington. Had I been any lower in the state, I'd never had made it.-----

RunningRat {04-05-57/03:14:47}

The capital is still Dover, despite several tries to move the capital to the Wilmington Corporate Enclave. The main products out of Delaware have remained contant. Agriculture, Chemicals, and Banking are all vital parts to Delaware's economy. The population is still relatively low at about 730,000 people, just a few ten thousand more from the previous century.

As for corporate presence, it is almost pervasive. S-K has all but taken over Sussex county and most of Wilmington. However, their rule is not absoloute. Most of the banking companies located in downtown Wilmington are owned by Renraku and Mitsuhama. Of course Ares also naturally tries to fit in in the chemicals game. The Dupont Corporation is still in operation as well, still proving to be a long standing delaware tradition.

-----Yeah, Dupont is still there, but in name only...-----

Chromed Accountant {04-06-57/12:34:56}

-----That's what I've heard. S-K likes to keep it quiet, but they have ownership of about 20 percent of Dupont stock. That's enough to pull a lot of weight in corporate... I mean company policy.-----

Wareian {04-06-57/16:35:59}

To better understand how Delaware is today, one would have to start back at about 1998. At that time, the U.S.A. was still in full swing. The first state was just a small cog of a larger machine, but a useful cog indeed. Large corporate presence through local and national banks, many of which were corporate owned and run. A low Corporate tax also led to higher corp presence. At the end of 1999, the corps running the banks slowly began to throw around their weight in corporate buyouts. New banks would open and close in the blink of an eye, and be replaced by another bank just to have the proccess repeat itself. This only proceeded to worsen after 2002 until one of the major banks, MBNA managed to buy out almost all of it's competitors. That was when Mitsuhama came in and bought them, resulting in the loss of an American banking industry giant.

-----But wait, didn't the U.S.A. have laws against starting monopolies back then? I mean, how could they hold the sole industry?-----

CHCash {04-15-57/05:47:13}

-----If you remember, that time was the Corporate Uprising. By 2002, corporate power was being established. All sorts of corporations around the world were starting to take over more and more dominant portions of their major industries.-----

YenMaster {04-15-57/0:7:34:14}

-----Notice, that old banking corp didn't buy out all of the banks. That must have been where Renraku managed to cut in...-----

DeWatcher {04-15-57/23:46:04}

-----First Union buyout. Scan on chummer.-----

DE SysOp {04-16-57/01:12:56}

Later in 2005, the only competitor of Mitsuhama was the First Union bank based out of Philadelphia, only 40 miles away. In what was an overnight takeover, First Union Bank became the Renraku Reserve Bank. This started the fierce corporate banking wars in the Wilmington Corporate Enclave. Of course, the Crash of 29 put both sides at an equal loss, but as soon as the Matrix was safe again, they were back to their old games.

-----That's the second time that the Wilmington Corporate Enclave has come up. What's up with that?-----

Cowboy {04-16-57/09:23:45}

-----Well, let me explain that later in the posting, Cowboy-----

BlueHen {04-16-57/17:34:12}

From there on, the two corps have been fighting against each other to get in on the banking scene. You'd be surprised how many major corporate accounts are held in the Delaware Matrix area. However, the banking war is not the only activity in the WCE. The DuPont Corporation is still pumping out their fair share of products. While it is still a major chemical producer, they still have a few other ventures that they work on.

-----What kind of ventures?-----

Conspirator {..-..-../..:..:..}

One such venture is the E-Station, located just outside of Wilmington. Ever since the early 1990's, DuPont has funded several projects that go on within their walls. Everything from medical research to neuralware implementation goes on at the E-Station.

-----Oh really? What about other kinds of secret ops? You know, drug manufacturing, BTL proccessing, 2XS chips... There could be a plethora of shadowy stuff going on there.-----

Darkeman {04-17-57/01:23:45}

-----Please, don't make me laugh, Darke. I think you're taking things way to far with all this.-----

Hatchetman {04-17-57/08:57:34}

-----I dunno. He may be right Hatchet. That place is sealed up tight. You need multiple forms of I.D. for entry along with two retina verification scans and voiceprint analysis. The Matrix there is a veritable nightmare. Strong barrier programs and black IC around the SPU's. I don't even wanna think about the IC at the CPU. My guess is that most of the research is Matrix based...-----

CodeCraqr {04-16-57/13:43:21}

Then of course, there is the southern half of Delaware. In 2022, the Agriculture business was failing. Repeated waves of VITAS killed off thousands of workers in the southern half of the state, which in turn caused crop yields to dwindle down to almost nothing. But, soon after it was thought all was lost, Saeder-Krupp stepped in. At first, the locals didn't mind when the corp showed up with all sorts of goodies, all in the name of keeping production high... at first. In a year's time, all the farms were bought from their owners, leaving many families and businesses in the southern half of the state without jobs or the homesteads they had lived in. The southern half has in effect become nothing more than a corporate owned and patrolled agrifarm.

-----So? Who gives a frag about the bottom half of this miserable little excuse for a state? Amd patrolled farmlands? Gimme a break...-----

City Slicker {04-17-57/11:23:32}

-----Slicker, ever thought about where your food comes from?-----

Agriman {04-17-57/11:45:45}


City Slicker {04-17-57/11:59:12}

-----I'll take that as a big no. How much of what you eat is soy? Soykaf, growlie bars, kibble, that fast food drek? Unless you're living off devil rat or can afford the corporate menu, you're eating a lot of soy. Now take into account how much farmland the U.C.A.S. has as a nation after the seccession of the NAN and the CAS. Not a lot. So Delaware has this county that takes up a little more than a third of the state, all of it arable farmland, and that land provides a hell of a lot of soybeans. That's one huge resource that is more than worth guarding. S-K makes a whole lotta money off that land.-----

Agriman {04-17-57/12:12:12}

The last major hotspots to speak of in Delaware are the Wilmington Corporate Enclave, the Wilmington Sprawl, the Dover Air Force Base and the Sore Points.

First of all, the Wilmington Corporate Enclave was built in 2026 and is located in Downtown Wilmington, starting from the Wilmington UCAStrak Station up to the Hotel DuPont. It is the largest corporate sector known in Delaware and handles millions of corporate accounts each day. A small portion of the actual enclave itself are corporate beavervilles; places where corporate families and grand high poobahs live, tucked away from the more violent sprawlers.

-----Violent? Who says we're violent? Whoever said that had better hide or I'll kill them!

Bluerock {04-17-57/13:13:13}

The corporate tax in the Wilmington Enclave is still low enough to attract corporations from around the country to the city of Wilmington to do business. It has been so low, that major offices of Renraku, Yamatetsu, Ares Macrotechnologies, and Saeder-Krupp can all be found here.

-----Money, chemical and pharmaceutical goodies. Where are the Azzies?-----

Pyramid Watcher {04-18-57/12:56:43}

-----Too far north I gather for Aztechnologies intrests. While Delaware has it's corporate strongpoints, it isn't as Byzantine for the Azzies liking.-----

Watcher {04-18-57/15:34:16}

A large 12 foot plastisteel wall surrounds this portion of Wilmington, keeping sprawl residents out by keeping manned patrols around its boundaries. Checkpoints mark the wall at about every other major street. Standard guard detail is four well trained and fully armored and intensely armed guards with a high force elemental and usually a couple of paranimals. During tight security hours, it is not unusual to find combat mages and physical adepts guarding the wall as well.

-----Geez, for a small city, they like to keep the corpzone contained. They keeping something in or out of this place?-----

Minuteman {04-18-57/19:59:24}

During the zoning of the WCE, many metahumans were driven out of their homes in order for the corporate grounds to be expanded. Thousands of people were forcefully removed from their homes and left with nothing.

-----On another note, BlueHen forgot to put in this extra little tidbit. This happened Wilmington before the 2000's as well. I'm sure he knows this, but he probably just forgot. Back in the 1970's, high income housing had expanded into what used to be urban housing projects. It forced many of the poorer residents to relocate to outlying areas such as Chester County, Pennsylvania.-----

DE SysOp {04-18-57/20:14:57}

Also within the WCE, is the new campus of the University of Delaware, which was moved from Newark back in 2030 almost four years after the founding of the WCE. The school was on the verge of bankruptcy due to the losses from the Year of Chaos and the Crash of '29. The WCE slowly managed to revitalize and economize the university in an attempt to promote education.

-----Yeah, right. Revitalize the education for who? Rich corporate brats, that's who.

Wyzard {04-18-57/21:01:01}

Since 2033, the University of Delaware has expanded its reputation into many fields. It even houses one of the most advanced technology departments in the country. It also has been the home of many other successful members in the fields of Magical Theory and Conjuring.

Along with the University, the WCE has also moved the DAM, or Delaware Art Museum, within the boundaries of the Enclave as well, along with--NEXT 5 M.P. DELETED BY SYSOP

-----Not to cut BlueHen off, but he got a little long winded here. Let me shorten it for you. If you can think of anything of cultural value in the state of Delaware (And that's not much in the first place), it's been moved into the WCE-----

DE SysOp {04-21-57/21:10:25}

The next zone would be the Wilmington Sprawl. Northern Delaware is as packed as Southern Delaware is empty. The Sprawl has come to surround the neighboring towns of New Castle, Claymont, Newark, Bear, Elsmere, Glasgow and Delaware City, each area becoming its own crowded zone.

-----Wait a minute... this place has a total population of 730,000 metahumans. And you call that a sprawl?-----

People Person {04-18-57/21:21:02}

-----You call yourself a shadowrunner?That's the population with SIN numbers. There are a lot of folks out there who technically don't exist. Also, there were those citizens living in the CAS nation who wished to stay with the U.C.A.S. government. A lot of those people came to Delaware when the time came. Delaware has always been a border state, and it feels just like home to some southerners in the lower half of the state.-----

Nightman {04-19-57/03:47:56}

-----Damn Yankees.-----

Fetch {Sweet Home Alabama}

The Sprawl is comprised of all the people ousted from the WCE and Sussex County along with the former residents of the older towns. The more shadowy of the residents can find easy access to several different types of legal and illegal pharmaceuticals (.85 the cost of most drugs in Seattle). Guns however are a difficult proposition at best, even in the shadowmnarkets and usually take longer to receive (1.25 the cost of guns and ammo in Seattle plus a five day waiting period). The rule of thumb in the Sprawl there is that the closer you are to the Delaware Memorial Bridge, the worse the zone is.

-----Dunno what BlueHen's talkin' about. DelCity Zone isn't much better than Bridgetown....-----

Texacan {04-20-57/13:13:17}

One of the most interesting things about the sprawl in Wilmington, is that it expanded larger than most Delawareans would have thought. When many citizens were removed from the southern half of Delaware they moved north to the sprawl with the refugees of the WCE. Population in delaware is not so much large as it is dense. Population is also growing steadily, causing further amounts of population density. Current estimates on population growth show that within a few years, Philadelphia's Sprawl could be in for a surprise when the Wilmington Sprawl catches up to it. The borders between these two sprawls are getting thinner with each new building.

-----Look out Philly, here we come!-----

Squareman {04-20-57/14:00:01}

-----Come get some...-----

Armed and Waiting in Chester {04-20-57/14:02:00}

However, this growth did not occur without side effects. Ever since the colonization by the east, Delaware has been the victim of unnecessary dumping. The Delaware River is as bad as it ever was, with local corporate facilities dumping in the river to this day. This has had a terrible affect on the state, although you couldn't tell by looking at the WCE.

-----Hmmm, sounds like Blue Hen is a nature boy... Wonder if this guy is just trying to get his shamanistic views across, or whether he's an eco-terrorist.-----

Burnup {04-20-57/14:12:56}
The most disturbing accounts have been occuring where the effects can bee seen the most: Bridgetown, an area of shanties underneath the Delaware Memorial Bridge. Toxic elementals and spirits have been sighted with disturbing frequency and their effects are noticeable.

-----He's not kidding. I swear to god, I was patroling the bridge under contract, when I had to respond to an accident at the Delaware Incoming end. A toxic water elemental had randomly attacked a corporate tanker of fertilizer. Huge mess, no survivors except for the elemental.-----

DE Star {04-20-57/15:13:57}

-----He may not be kidding, but he's neglected to mention another toxic hotspot: DelCity Zone. The old Texaco refinery (yeah, at age 79 you can bet I remember those days) draws the fragging things like moths to a flame. The residents are even starting to look a bit odd. I wouldn't be surprised if somehow the spirits were corrupting the folks around here.-----

Texacan {04-20-57/15:57:34}

-----You mean like fragging insect spirits? Toxic bugs, man. Now that's scary.-----

Burnup {04-20-57/16:09:34}

-----You must be really gullible to believe that. There's nothing to prove the existence of Toxic Bugs.-----

Skeptik {..-..-../--:--:--}

-----There's nothing to back up the origins of the occurence of fovaes in Aztlan either...-----

Pyramid Watcher {04-20-57/16:54:24}

Then, somewhere between the Wilmington Sprawl and Sussex county is the Dover Air Force Base. Dover, located almost exactly in the middle of the state, hase been the home of military presence in Delaware since the last fifty years of the United States. The U.C.A.S. military has kept the base running, using it mostly for large cargo planes and military training. It keeps a rigidly guarded border around it and the huge amount of land it covers in central Kent County, even more so than the WCE. Military patrols keep watch over the fences twenty four hours a day in order to keep the premises secure.

-----Those patrols are nothing. Even a weeflerunner could get in past those guys. I mean c'mon, they're just grunts. What's so tough about that?-----

Armadillo {04-20-57/17:02:57}

-----It's not so much the guards as it is the sensors. They're hyper sensitive. They guard a tight perimiter covering half a mile before the fence. By the time you've reached the fence, the guard patrols have known you've been in their sensor range for ten minutes before you even get to the fence. Then you have to get through five guards, a mix of cybered goons and physads, and probably milspec drones and high force elementals, all in military grade armor. The really tough squads can also be reinforced with the nasty paranimals they have just waiting around in reserve. Let's say you could even break through that. In addition to having more than enough Wasp Yellowjackets (TM) to mow you down the instant they find you, they have powered suits inside as well to take care of loading equipment and combat needs. It makes breaking into the WCE seem like a fragging bike ride.-----

O'Leary {04-20-57/17:10:29}

Last but not least, are the Sore Points, an alteration to their prior name, the Shore Points. The Sore Points are the one exception to the Southern Delaware rule of Agrifarms. The Sore Points are bustling with shadow activity. It is a favorite pick for folks running from the C.A.S. law, and has more than a few secluded beaches where smugglers can pick up shipments to be taken/loaded to/from boats, just as long as you're willing to risk S-K finding you on their land.

-----In that case, run. Run fast-----

BlueHen {04-20-57/17:19:57}

-----Many beaches such as Lewes, Bethany, Henlopen, Broadkill, Slaughter, Rehoboth and Dewey still draw SINners and SINless alike. Lewes and Rehoboth tend to draw corporate crowds while Dewey and Henlopen attract more of the locals, while Slaughter and Broadkill are secluded enough to make good smuggling ports. Metahumans often seem to find a refuge in the smaller beaches amongst racially based gangs which have caused many problems for both police and more shadowy organizations.

-----Trogtown Surfers reign supreme!-----

Orkboy {04-20-57/23:57:59}

-----In you dreams, tusker.-----

Redboy {04-21-57/01:20:56}

-----Really? Why don't you just come on over here, and I'll-----


De SysOp {04-21-57/02:12:57}
Two of the local gangs, the Trogtown Surfers and the Red Boards, have their own fence rings (courtesy of the smugglers) within the lowlier Sore Points, mainly Dewey and Henlopen. Currently, there is a turf war in Dewey between the Trogs and the Reds, although the area is too small to even garnish much attention. Even since the late 1900's Dewey has always been too small to show the levels of violence that occur almost nightly along the small three mile stretches of beach. However, much like the Barrens in seattle, little is done by local law to stop the violence.

-----Little is done? Nothing is done. Lone Star Securities could give two dreks about us beachers. The only calls they come out for, are the corp calls coming in from Rehoboth or Lewes. My store has been broken into on three seperate occasions and set fire twice. What do the cops do? Not a slotting thing!-----

Gwynn {04-22-57/07:34:19}

-----Well then Gwynn, you can always do what I've done. Wait up some night with an Ares Predator II until one of the little fraggers tries to break in. Then fire off shots around him until he dreks in his shorts. Most of the gangers are juves, save for the Zippers, and they scare pretty easy. And, even if you do hit one, or for that matter kill him, police ignorance works both ways. What LS cop is gonna care that you geeked a ganger?-----

Diablo {04-22-57/11:01:29}

-----So, you killed Spindler? We know where you live man.-----

Redboy {04-22-57/12:54:28}

-----Great, I've got more bullets.-----

Diablo {04-22-57/11:03:29}

A third gang, although they resemble more of an affiliation than a gang, is the Zippers. Most Zippers are older than the average ganger and tend to be better armed than the Trogs or the Reds. The Zippers are part of the smuggler rings around Dewey and can usually be seen off shore at night if you have the right kind of low-lite vision and the proper ECM/ECCM devices. They run in boats that are hard to pinpoint along the shore, and can be hired for the right price.

-----These guys aren't just another gang, they're all out pros. Most of the smugglers around Dewey and the like are members or are at least in some way tied to the Zippers. Somehow they managed to get some mondo gear to hide their boats.-----

SaltyLady {04-23-57/13:57:17}

The corporate resorts in Rehoboth and Lewes are a far cry from the run down pseudo-barrens of Dewey and Henlopen. Lewes is all private property owned bt S-K execs and higher ups. Rehoboth is much like a resort town, with the state's largest boardwalk, stretching out a grand 1.9 miles long. Various hotels and stores dot the boardwalk area, along with newly added min-casinos. The beach, or what's left of it from years of erosion, is a private one, requiring a hefty membership fee and identification for use.

-----Yeah, they do it to keep us so-called street trash off of their slotting beach. So what if we're not all rich corpers? Why don't we get to use the beach? I'll tell ya why; corporate scumbags want it to themselves. S-K already bought out Lewes, why not just buy this one too?-----

Waver {04-23-57/18:48:52}

-----Wrong, drekhead. The state government is the one charging. If you check the municipal datastore, you'll see that. One of the few U.C.A.S. offices in DE takes responsibility for keeping that beach clean. No small task, especially when money is as low as it is in the State Department. That's why you get charged: to keep the beach clean.-----

RBCleanup {04-23-57/20:28:59}

Well, that's about all there is to say. From Wilmington down to the Maryland border's covered. That about wraps it up for the First State. Just remember when you visit: It's not as dull as it looks....

-----But wait! That's not all my shadowy counterparts. Heres a datafile we snagged from public boards to better inform you of the ins and outs. How to get here, the local law, and the basics of getting around where you need to get to. So if you really for some strange desire, need to get to Delaware, hit the 'More Delaware'! link and read on chummer.-----

DE SysOp {04-25-57/12:02:59}
More Delaware!

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