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Here are the lyrics to songs from the group Touch, the quintet that consisted of Victoria "Posh Spice", MelanieC "Sporty Spice", Geri "Ginger Spice", MelanieB "Scary Spice", and Michelle Stephenson. Just for a brief history Michelle left the group to either one, attend college or two, tend to her mother who had cancer (I'm not to sure which one's right) so they found a replacement. Her name was Abigal Kis, she didn't take the job because she would have to give up her boyfriend and education to give full commitment to the group. So they held a small audition and Emma "Baby Spice" Bunton got the job even though she almost ended up on EastEnders (a british soap opera) as Bianca (the most popular character on EastEnders I might add). Emma made it down to the last six in the tryouts but she got the job as a Spice Girl and the part of Bianca went to Patsy Palmer. Emma was picked up by the Spice Girls back in September of 1994 when she was 18. By the way they later changed their name to Spice Girls when Emma joined the group.

(a British commercial jingle, it's not very long about maybe 30seconds but I thought I'd add it anyway)

Ooooh ah perfect vision
Ooooh ah, ooooh ah perfect vision
Ooooh ah, ooooh ah perfect vision