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Melanie "Sporty Spice" Chisholm's Biography

Name: Melanie Jayne Chisholm
Birthday: January 12, 1974 (24)
Star Sign: Capricorn
Birth Place: Whiston Hospital, Merseyside
Home: she originally lived in Rainhill ( a suburb in Liverpool ) but now lives in Widnes a few miles south of Rainhill
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 5 feet 6 inches (1.68m)
Weight: 60kg
Shoe Size: 6/37
Mother: Joan O'neil ( formally in a band )
Father: William Chisholm ( an elevator repairman for the Otis Company ), Joan and William divorced when Melanie was 3
Step Father: Dennis ( cab driver )
Step Mother: Carol ( occupation unknown)
Older Brothers: Tad and Stuart Chisholm
Younger Brothers: Paul Chisholm
Younger Half Brothers: Liam and Declan
Step Sister: Emma ( not Baby Spice! )
Education: Graduated from the Fairfield County High School then went to study jazz and ballet at the Dorreen Bird Dance School
School Nickname: Hollond because Holond is flat ( thats a bit rude huh Craig? )
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Married: None at the moment but is rumored to be dating Robbie Williams but I doubt it very much
Why No BF: cause she is shy of meeting people because she keeps having this reoccuring nightmare that someone will come up and start talking to her when she is buying her tampex at the Supermarket
Best Chat Up Line: An invitation to a Football Match
Body Destinctions: on her right arm, Celtic band tatoo, Japanese characters meaning "women strength", on her left arm a Cross tatoo. Others, a nose piercing in the left nostral and ear piercings
If she could be any animal: A Panther
Prefers: To be called Melanie other than Mel
Fancies: Jamie Redknapp
Fancied when younger: Adam Ant
Likes: Cooking and Watching the Telly
Dislikes: Narrow minded people and smoking
Any Pets: One Cat
Morning Activities: Running 5km's almost every morning
Bed time Activities: Doing 50 stomach crunches
Bad Habits: Cracking fingers and toes
Past Job: Working in a Chip Shop
Craziest Thing Done: She attempted to moon the Top Of The Pops audience but was stopped just in time
Biggest Lie: Saying she is actually good at football but really she says she's quite rubbish at it
Biggest Wish: For us ( Meaning the Spice Girls ) to stay happy and together for a long time
Spending Free Time: Playing Football, going to Cinamas, and weight training
Worst Thing she has ever had in her Mouth: A peech that her mum gave to her that had red ants all over ( By Accident ) and she didn't know and she bit right into it
Least like to see you on the loo: Her dad
Least like to have suck your toes: Anyone she fancies
First CD ever bought: Kids From Fame
Past Relationships: Melanie has had 3 major boyfriends, Ian McKnight, Keith McKnight and Ryan 'Raz' Wilson. Melanie dated Ian for a while, but when he gave her the red flag, she got back at him by dating his younger brother Keith. 'It was quite a good pull, because I was 2 years younger than Melanie. But the relationship didn't last long because she still fancied my brother. I think she was using me to get back at him.' - Keith. 'Melanie and I dated for several months. She was a fellow thespain and we just clicked. I have no regrets about splitting up. We've remained good friends and I have a new girlfriend.' - Ian. Melanie dated classmate, Ryan, for two years, but they broke up when Melanie went to dance school. 'I lost my virginity when I was 16 and it was incredibly romantic. It was with a guy that I had been dating for six months.' - Melanie. 'Yeah, it was me - I was the first. But I can't remember any of the details. I went out with Melanie because she was cut above, a real lady.' - Ryan.
Best Advice: "Try and beat the boys at their own game, don't give in. If you can't beat'em join'em!"
Favorite Saying: "You'll Never Walk alone"
Favorite Word: Sound
Favorite Singer: Madonna
Favorite Group: Blur
Favorite Song: Song 2 from Blur
Favorite Video: Vogue from Madonna
Favorite Current CD: Blur: The Great Escape
Favorite of all time CD: Stevie Wonder: Singing The Key Of Life
Favorite Type of Clothing: Adidas trakkies and Nike Air Trainers
Favorite City: London
Favorite Actor: Bruce Willis
Favorite Car: BMW
Favorite Holiday Destination: Maui
Favorite Sport: Football ( English terms ) Soccer ( American terms )
Favorite Football Team: Liverpool United
Favorite Footballer: Steve McManaman
Favorite Song from Spice: Who Do You Think You Are
Favorite Song from SpiceWorld: Too Much
Favorite Spice girls Video: Sa You'll Be There
Favorite TV Show: Brookside
Favorite Film: Toy Story
Favorite Animal: A Giraffe
Favorite Food: Anything Chinese
Favorite TV Docter: Geoge Clooney from ER
Favorite Superhero: Spiderman from Marvel Comics

Well there's Melanie C's biography. Coming Soon, the other four's bios and some other interesting stuff!!!!!!