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Spice Girls On Tour

Sorry Ihavent update in a while but I've been on vacation so I didnt have the time but I will be adding more, as of right now I just added the lyrics to all the cover songs from the Spice World Tour, check back soon for more!

Welcome to Spice Girls On Tour! This page is currently under construction right now but it will be up and running ASAP! So check back later for such stuff as, a whole hell of a lot of pics, all their videos in their entirety, shocking info on all the girls, every Spice Girls song yes even all the B-sides, and as soon as I learn more about making a web page even more cool stuff will be added. Thanks for visiting, check back later for the finished product and remember E-mail me with any questions, comments or suggestions but keep in mind I'm not the Spice Girls and I have no affiliation with the Spice Girls.

I now have a trade page opened up for anyone who wants to trade Spice Girls music or videos!

My Lyrics section is now finished! Now get the lyrics to most of the hard to find songs in my B-Sides part, with lyrics for songs not mentioned on other leading sites!

The Spice Girls have announced the name of their third upcoming album in titled SUGAR AND SPICE. The track listing is a bit sketchy but I hear the Mel B and Missy Elliot's duet, "I Think I Want You Back" could possibly be on the new album also two other tracks named are the Girls rendetion of Cindy Lauper's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and the title track "Sugar And Spice". They hope to have a new single out by Christmas that they recently recorded not to long ago in a Nashville, Tennessee studio.

On August 7, 1998 the Spice Girls released their new video game for the Sony Playstation, entitled Spice World The Interactive Music Expirence in the U.S.. The game cost about 20 pounds in the U.K and about 35 dollars in the U.S. Not only is it a great game but it includes rare behind the scenes footage and interviews of the Girls, the game really doesnt have an objective like getting a high score but to remix their songs, create a dance routine, and finally to create a music video. The songs available to remix are Wannabe, Who Do You Think You Are, Move Over, Say You'll Be There, and Spice Up Your Life. This is such a great game because no matter how much you suck at other games this one is impossible for someone to be bad at, its what you feel is good. Well thats my review, catcha later!

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