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Speckert Genealogy

Hello everybody. Once more, this page is just under construction. In former days I have had some informations about me and my prime interests. Unfortunately I lost all of it due to an disc crash.

Is anybody out there who saved my First home page in HTML?

Okay - just under construction - I think my page is looking crazy. Perhaps I am crazy, too. Maybe. But all what I want to say here primarly is some things about my genealogy.

Thanks to WWW I got some new aspects to the origin of my family. Poor facts indeed - noone could say he should be related directly to my Speckert tribe. But I got a view to notice some interesting parallels.

The Speckerts seem to come from the German area called Baden. First Krautheim, later the area around Karlsruhe and Mannheim (Bruchsal, Weinheim, Sankt Leon-Rot).

Definitely I know my Speckert ancestors lived in Klein-Karlbach in the area along the German Wine Street in the Palatinate, thats some kilometers away from the other border of the Rhine River.

Some related surnames to SPECKERT: Speeckaert, Spickert, Spickard, Speckhardt, Speckhard, Speckhard, Spe▀hard, Spesshardt, Speckard.

If you know something interesting facts, feel free to contact me. Nice to count you again on my site after reconstructing my page.

Wolfgang Speckert, Mainz, Germany 08/Sep/97


I am also interested in all these surnames in the whole world, espacially in Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, Romania. 02/Dec/98

Speckerts im Netz / Speckert world-wide

Gene K. Speckert, Mo, USA
Willy Speeckaert, Canada
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