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The Void

Let Go Of Every Thing You Know....

Mental abstractions cluttering internal processes-open-cleanse-breathe-clear-focus-connected...***

Speaking my friend-no beggining no end- Slowly trust-No struggle-Don't push or pull- ? - Thought faster than light-Instantaneous ++Body-Mind-Spirit. Transform-Remember-Release- Acknowledge-Understand-Learn-Unlearn- Listen-Hear-Feel-Dive into the unconscious underworld- Suppressed memories-Past lives-Future moments-childhood experiences- Darkness,the Void-the Womb and before-floating in an astral fluid- Nourishment from the cosmic placenta-Mother Mind,Father time, Ancestral blood-Neurological impulses quickening cells- Conception-frequencies-voices-celestial signals-Human-Spirit- Light-Love-Energy in motion- Heart of devotion-Universal pulse. We Dance On.

A Whispering in my mind...

Moments rolling away,this day stands still birds of a flight,colors,sights,sounds,thoughts,a will moments rolling away,no time to kill adventures into the unknown,this day to fill In creator we trust,live the dream or bust human desire,soul evolution,no have to's or must.

Spiraling in and out of existence dancing in the mind of particles and waves-the uncertainty principle the way reality behaves No distance in space just Light loving Sound in a musical race- Multiple universes all with one face.

Where do we go from here?

Alternate modes of perception