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Beyond the Void

Voices from outside myself

Electric Messiah

Electric messiah 
Dancing through my brain 
perception has been altered 
was it my shift
that caused the change 
am I different 
or has reality 
taken on a new magic 
explosions of consciousness 
bubble up for my inspection 
my vocabulary useless 
utterly inadequate for the task 
my new found comprehension 
proving ever elusive 
to my rational mind 
driven onward by my thrist 
of greater understanding 
of myself and the universe 
I obliterate my ego 
sense of seperation disolving 
Who am I 
I am that I am not 
I can not explain anything 
all I see is flux 
a constant perfect dance 
protected only by the fool 
my innocence and trust 
no expectation 
only a willingness to see 
but like Icerus 
I flew to high 
I know I burned my wings 
I play the fool no more 
the hanged man is my card 
for though I know 
I choose my fate 
The highest law is one 
so what ever will be best for all 
will always make me bow my head 
sublimate my desire 
to what my spirit 
knows I need.



Alternate modes of perception