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Welcome to 4 Seests' in Paradise

Welcoming Wee Ones
Our World!!!

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Just a smidge about our family...if you want to know the whole scoop, head over to our family page
"4 Seests in Paradise".

Our family got it's start in 1995...Mommy & Daddy were pen-pals while he was in the Navy!
They got married in November of '95 and were stationed in Virginia (Dadda worked as a nuclear mechanic on the USS GREENEVILLE, a fast-attack nuclear submarine!).
That is where I, #1 wee one, was born in January of '97 -- Caleb Andrew *_*

Then when I was 2 months old, Dadda headed out to sea (via the GREENEVILLE) headed for
her home port -- Pearl Subase in beautiful HAWAII!
Mommy & I spent a month at Poppa's house in Florida, then we headed out for Hawaii with Dadda the end of March '97.

Living in Hawaii was great...especially all my buddies at church *_*
And lots of the family came over to see me (& I guess to see Hawaii, too!).

We were really dreading Dadda having to go away for 6 whole months in '98/' the LORD blessed us with someone else to look forward to!
Wee one #2 was discovered to be "on the way" shortly before Dadda left for sea!
We didn't even know if wee one #2 was a "brudder" or a "sissy", but we were excited just the same!!!
It was also a mystery as to whether Dadda would make it home before the baby *o* !!!!

Baby #1...Caleb Andrew Seest *_*

Baby #2...Lydia Pearl Seest *_*

A Wee Bit of Poetry *_*

Won't You PLEASE sign our Baby Guestbook????
We had one from Toolzone, and a "counter", too...
I don't know what happened to them though!!
But PLEASE sign our new one we made May of 2001 *_*

Here are a few of the baby sites we've enjoyed so far *_*

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Adopted: January 14,2000

Stop Abortion ~ Not A Beating Heart!


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