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Spina Bifida Association Of Delaware Photo Album

Welcome to our First Photo Album. Below are pictures taken at the 1999 National Conference. Held June 26-30th 1999, in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Enjoy!!

Karen Basara, President /Webmaster

This picture was taken at the National conference on Tuesday, June 29th when we went to the family picnic! (I am wearing the yellow shirt on the right)

Alexus Moore, at the Family Pinic with her hand's painted by the Face Painters!

Lindsey Moore & Alex Basara, both 3 yrs old, siblings of Alexus Moore & Ryan Wilhide, Family Picnic Night!

Children coloring pictures at the coloring contest, Family Picnic Night, left: Katie Basara, green shirt: Kelly Basara, and on right, Ryan Wilhide!

SBAA Members at Family Picnic Night

SBAA Members at the Family Picnic night!

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