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~~ Dawn's Emotional Rollercoaster ~~

Hi there, My name is Dawn. Well here we in 2013....and I am 39...almost 40 , ugh !!(OMG) No worries tho, it has been a great year. I am single mom but of 3 boys(i was for 9 years)Justin Allen came in September of 2007. I got married to Richard Wilkinson, an old High School Friend from Hawaii December 6th ,2006 and Seperated from Him June 20th 2010 Divorce was final August 2012.
What do I look like? Dark Brown hair at the Moment,but I get bored then who knows what I'll do to it. I have big blue eyes as you see in the pics,I'm a 5'2" BBW. I lived near Branson, Missouri since 92 until 2007 when I moved to Bentonville, Arkansas, but moved back to Branson in 2010. I went back to school in May 2011 and just got my Associates in computer ssystems and networking January 2013.
I have 3 tattoos, which on will be updated with the new baby soon. and use to have a pierced tongue but took it out November of 2004, I decided to grow up, I am very outgoing,comic relief at the office, some call me the Office Goddess. I love Harley Davidsons!! Muscle Cars especially 71 Supersport Chevy Chevelle, yes one day I will own one.
Who am I? I am a mother, I have 3 boys Oldest 2 are 18 months apart(17 and 16 years)and 5 year old,lol. Who are really great kids. Even if the older 2 both have ADHD(only thing there father gave them, go figure.) They do take medication and Both are the honor roll all this year and in AF JROTC at Branson this year. My youngest has autism like his half sister but thank God not near as sever as hers.

More about me on my about me page, lol!

Things have changed around here, I have moved my Poems So if you want to read them
My Poems have moved These poems are both newer and old. I haven't wrote in a while... waiting to be inspired I suppose. Anyway, Hope you have enjoyed them.

Keeping checking , because I'll add more as they come to me.

Well added a page, why?? Maybe because I'm bitter out of a relationship with a guy that was CLUELESS(6/2002), or I'm tired of guys saying the same thing when they talk to me, lol. A man that is funny and romantic wins my heart so maybe this page will help...
Quote her romance

This is my family page , I haven't added new pics lately to it.
To the page of family pics!.....
Pictures of my boys when they were younger, and how a like they looked.
Dill Pickle and Bubba

This page is pics that were taken between 2006-2011

All my pic pages are linked here since 2000





My many looks


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