The Power of Stones : Tourmaline

No other gemstone is so complex as tourmaline. It possesses over a hundred colors ranging from deep pink to red, red-violet, blue, yellow (Peridot of Ceylon), orange, brown, green, black, colorless and many combinations and shades between. More than one color may also appear in some specimens. It is considered an alternate birthstone for the month of October. Tourmaline is pyroelectric, that is, as it warms, it creates a static charge that draws dust and other particles to its surface. Its original name, turamali, meaning “colored stone” in Sinhalese, meant “attracter of ashes.” The Dutch called it aschentrekker, “ash-drawer,” and used it to draw ashes out of pipes.

Tourmaline affects the chakras, acting to clear, maintain, and stimulate the body’s energy centers. It encourages inspiration and diminishes fear caused by ignorance. It is a good indicator in times of indecision, providing insight to your troubles. In the eighteenth century, it was called a stone of the Muses and used to bring inspiration. Not surprisingly it was a favorite of artists, writers, and actors.

Tourmaline has been put to use in shamanic traditions as a protective and healing stone. African shaman use it to awaken from the “dream of illusion,” and in Rome, it was used to induce restful sleep. Black tourmaline repels and protects against negativity and negative magic. Used with Mica, black tourmaline will direct the negative energies of the spellcaster back at them. Blue tourmaline strengthens communication skills and psychic awareness. The deeper the blue, the more it positively effects the intuition. It also assists the wearer to live in harmony with their environment. Brown tourmaline cleanses the aura and protects the higher self, while colorless tourmaline is best for healing. Green tourmaline is the stone for increased empathy, and it is also ideal for getting in tune with and affecting healing in the plant kingdom. Orange tourmaline is very rare. Only a few pieces have been found in Africa. It stimulates creativity, intuition, and sexuality. Pink tourmaline allows easier acceptance of new things, and emphasizes trust in love. Yellow tourmaline increases personal power and intellectual pursuits. It has the power cause openings and closure which benefit your personal growth. Yellow tourmaline is especially helpful in areas of business and employment.