The Power of Stones : Quartz

Quartz, also known as rock crystal, is crystallized silicon dioxide. It is one of the most common minerals to be found on Earth, and as the second most common mineral found in the Earth’s crust, it comprises twelve percent. It comes in a variety of colors and shapes. Some of the various forms of quartz, the Herkimer diamond, rose quartz (pink), smoky quartz (brown), citrine (yellow), amethyst (lavender), aventurine (green), white quartz, rutilated quartz (contains needle-like inclusions of gold or silver), have been or will be looked at separately from this article.

The Greeks called quartz Ice of Eternity, and many ancient cultures considered quartz crystals to be some kind of petrified ice. Some even said that holding a piece in the mouth could quench one’s thirst. The Romans used clear quartz as a healing stone. Shaped into a bead, it was used to reduce glandular swellings and fevers. Crystal gazing has long been a means of divination in a variety of cultures. It is also thought to increase psychic ability. Ancient clerics would “draw down the fires of heaven” with assistance of clear quartz. Magnifying the rays of the sun through a piece of quartz, they would light the ceremonial flames. Pliny recommended the use of a ball of quartz crystal for the cauterization of wounds via this age-old method. It is one of the seven precious substances in Buddhism.

Quartz has always been a favorite stone for communication with the spirit world. Native American Medicine men used quartz as divining and hunting charms. The stones were inhabited by spirits which were periodically fed by rubbing them with deer’s blood. Mexican natives believed the spirits of quartz were the souls of the dead.

Quartz possesses both piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties. This means the polarity of a quartz crystal will change when subjected to pressure or heat. Even holding it I the hand will change its polarity. The tip, normally the positive, receiving end, will reverse, becoming the transmitting end. This property supports the amplification, focusing, storage, transfer, and transformation of energy. It may be used to amplify both body energy and thoughts or redirect energy toward a beneficial state.

Quartz amplifies the energy field of the area where it resides. It acts as a physical and mental energizer whether worn or carried. Placed pointing toward the crown chakra or under the pillow, will bring wisdom and clarity to dreams and help the user to understand the message the dream attempted to convey. Worn close to the neck, quartz stimulates the thyroid and parathyroid glands. It will also help respiratory problems and sore throats. Worn over the heart, it stimulates the thymus and immune system. Over the solar plexus, it enhances the body’s overall energy, but also augment the emotions, which may or may not be desired. On the finger, quartz draws wealth and luck, and on the wrist it enhances survival traits and protection from physical and emotional harm. Worn at the third eye, it stimulates mental clarity, meditation, and physic ability. In earrings, it will balance all the chakras.

Quartz should be cleansed before use to clear them of any negative charges they may have acquired. They may be left in a bed of sea salt or infusions of sage or sweatgrass may be used. The light of the full moon will endow quartz with a positive charge, especially if you intend to use it for divination purposes.

Quartz Forms

Of the many shapes quartz may take, there are a few that are more common. Single terminating crystals are six-sided with a flat bottom and a point at the top. These are useful for people who wish to direct energy to a specific area or organ. The laser wand crystal is an exaggerated and powerful form of this crystal. It is a long, slender crystal terminating in an apex of very small facets. The Scepter crystal is a Wand crystal which has been surrounded at one end by a new growth of crystal. It is said that these were the symbols of power of the clergy of Atlantis and Lemuria. Double terminating crystals have a point at both ends. These may draw energy as well as direct it. Phantom or Manifestation crystals stopped growing at one point, only to begin again. The old crystal can still be seen inside. It is said people drawn to these crystals have a need to grow. They can be used to facilitate artistic ability, creativity, and agriculture.

Wearing quartz pointing upward has caused some to feel as if they were leaving their bodies. This position is beneficial to meditation, prayer, study, and test taking. Pointing the crystal downward is an efficient means of grounding.

The Energy Generator crystal has six facets joining together to form the terminating apex. It is “the” crystal for energy generation. To this purpose, it may be placed in the center of a group. A small form may also be used as a pendulum. Generator crystals have also been used to disperse localized energy disturbances by replacing the disorganized energies with stable energy.

The left Activation crystal has an inclined window located on the left side of the primary facet. It is used primarily to increase left brain function, used with a right Activation crystal, it brings a melding of the two hemispheres for better brain function. As you can probably guess, a right Activation crystal will have an inclined window located to the right of the main face of the crystal and increases the function of the right hemisphere of the brain.

An Aperture crystal is cup shaped with a hollow crater large enough to contain liquid. Filled with water or an elixir, this crystal can be used as a seer stone to access information of the past, present, or future. An elixir may be used to strengthen the qualities of the stone or the stone may be used to intensify the qualities of the elixir. The elixir (which may simply consist of water) may be drunk or used to anoint other tools. The aperture crystal, in addition to being a seer stone, is used to enhance your logic, ingenuity, and skill. The actual Seer stone is different from the Aperture crystal. It is a river-tumbled stone which may be used for gazing.

The Barnacle crystal is a crystal covered, or partially covered, with many smaller crystals. The larger crystal is an “old soul” containing wisdom, which has attracted the smaller crystals. Use it to stimulate intellectual and physical fertility. It may be used to meditate on insights into family and community problems. The Barnacle crystal is excellent for those employed in organizations to stimulate cohesion of the group, and it may be used to assuage the loss of a loved one. The Barnacle crystal is different from a Cluster crystal which has no larger, main crystal. The Cluster crystal can still be used in a similar fashion however, to bolster group energy, enhance harmony and peace in a group, and other social/business relationships. The energy radiated by such a crystal is directly proportionate to the number of crystals in the cluster.

A Bridge crystal is a smaller crystal partially located within a larger crystal and extending outward. It facilitates a “bridge” between the inner and outer worlds, and between yourself and the others inhabiting this world or other worlds. It is useful when attempting to share concepts and ideas with others and is beneficial to public speakers, teachers, and religious leaders. Twin crystals are two crystals which have grown together or are in parallel alignment. These are useful in forming all levels of relationships.

Singing crystals are small side crystals which jut out from a main crystal. When these are struck, they produce a pleasant tone. The generator crystal may be identified by its large size. It is said that during the days of Atlantis and Lemuria, these crystals were the power source. They provided electrical energy, communication, heat, light, rejuvenation, and transportation. The Cross crystal is similar but forms a complete cruciform shape, or more rarely a Celtic cross. These are cleansing crystals, sweeping away negativity and cleaning the chakras.

A Channeling crystal has a large, seven sided face located near the front center of the terminating end of the crystal. It is useful in channeling expressions of truth and wisdom, providing a conscious connection to the higher self. Such crystals may be used for meditation, to find specific answers to questions, to gain information in a specific area, and with Record Keepers to gain access to stored information. Record Keeper or Library crystals have a raised, or several raised, perfect triangles on one or more face. They are not all quartz crystals. Some are rubies. They contain information which only the pure of heart may access. The Key crystal is similar in use to the Channeling crystal, unlocking doors to concepts and aspects of self, which are elusive. They are identified by a three or six sided indented shape located somewhere on the crystal. The indent becomes narrower as it extends into the crystal till it terminates, usually in an apex. Place this crystal on pictures, photos, symbols, letters (etc) to unlock hidden or obscure meanings and ideas.

A Transmitting crystal has two symmetrical seven-sided faces with a perfect triangular face between them. Through these crystals one can connect with the highest wisdom, receiving specific information to specific circumstances or universal truths necessary for personal growth. These are much powerful than Channeling crystals. In addition to the functions of channeling crystals, Transmitting crystals help to develop intuitive and telepathic ability. With Transmitting crystals, one may “phone” someone on the other side the planet or beings in other dimensions.

Quartz Combinations

Aqua Aura is a clear or cloudy “blue” quartz enhanced with pure gold. The gold is attracted to the natural electric charge of the stone and cannot be removed by rubbing or scraping. Aqua Aura activates all the chakras, but especially the throat chakra. It is also good for triggering the energy of other stones. Alone, it is used primarily for healing.

Asbestos included Quartz contains green, yellow, and/or orange inclusions. It will align all the chakras and provide grounding simultaneously. Dreaming and dream recall are enhanced. Estrangement, frustration, and resentment are dispelled.

Blue Quartz is formed by the inclusion of tiny particles of blue rutile, tourmaline, and zoisite. Blue Quartz acts to release users from fear and introversion, producing a comforting resonance.

Carbon included Quartz, otherwise known as a Carbon Phantom (not the same as black phantom quartz), helps to purify the body and the immediate environment. It may be worn, carried, or placed in a specific area you wish to be cleansed.

Citrine and Smokey Quartz acts to enhance psychic ability while providing grounding conditions for the user. Merchants may use it to further business and profits.

Cuprite included Quartz allows one to acknowledge and comprehend the spiritual connection to the universe. It is a lucky stone, bringing serendipitous opportunity.

Dendritic Quartz contains branching figures or markings resembling a moss-like or tree form. These are often formed by manganese or chlorite. Dendritic quartz facilitates a closeness with nature, as well as enabling a better connection to the far past of the Earth. This type of quartz may help you recall past lives.

Golden Healer is a type of quartz partially or totally covered in a semi-transparent sheen of golden-yellow material. It may be used to attain and maintain contact with the spirit world and to enact healing on all levels.

Harlequin contains red dots or filaments of hematite or lepidocrocite. It stimulates energy on all levels, providing a clear pathway from the base chakra to the heart chakra, and can be used to intensify devotional activities. The healing qualities of a loving consciousness are intensified by this type of quartz.

Limonite included Quartz serves to bring an intellectual understanding of ethereal worlds. It is also useful in cleansing negativity from other stones.

Opal Aura, like Aqua Aura, is a blend of metal, namely platinum, and clear or cloudy quartz crystals. This combination acts to cleanse the aura and all the chakras.

Phantom Quartz is a crystal within a crystal. The phantom is a white or colored mineral and may be partial or complete. The structures may be triangular or occasionally in the likeness of mountains or flowers. It symbolizes universal awareness, and acts to bring humanity together to save the planet. They are excellent for healing the environment. Amethyst phantoms stimulate recall of one’s state just prior to birth to further evaluate what has been accomplished and what remains. Black phantom quartz provides grounded energy. Chlorite phantoms provide healing energy and have been combined with amethyst to assist in removing unwanted energy from implants. Green phantom quartz also has excellent healing energies, as well as being helpful to those with clairaudient ability. Orange phantoms are helpful to addictive personalities and the breaking of addictions. Pink phantoms act to eliminate the feeling of abandonment.

Raspberry Quartz has a raspberry tinge due to the inclusion of lepidocrite, hematite, goethite, or amethyst. It assists in clearing and activating the seven major chakras.

Rutilated Quartz contains rutile and sagenite. It assists in getting to the root of a problem. During astral travel, it provides insight into the reason for visiting a location or observing some scene.

Tourmalinated Quartz is excellent for problem solving, eliminating destructive patterns.

Kinds of Quartz

Amethyst is a purple quartz crystal found in volcanic, extruding rocks. It is the most beautiful and valuable of the quartz family, its color coming from small traces of ferric iron. As much as one cubic foot of quartz can become amethyst by as little as the iron contained in the head of a pin.

From the Greeks, amethyst got its modern name meaning “without drunkness.” It is said the wine color of amethyst came from Bacchus. Feeling neglected, Bacchus was determined to kill with his tigers the first person he met. Unfortunately for the maiden Amethyst, she met Bacchus on her way to worship Diana at her temple. As the tigers sprang to attack, Amethyst pled to the goddess Diana for protection and was transformed into a pure, clear stone. Repenting his actions, Bacchus attempted to make amends by pouring wine over the stone, giving it its lovely purple hue. A later myth said that Amethyst was a nymph who loved the god of wine, but when he scorned her, she withered away to a small, hard stone which would always oppose the affects of wine.

Both the Greeks and Romans used it to prevent the effects of overindulgence in food and drink, and to cool love. Many goblets were inlaid with amethyst for this purpose. It was often placed under the pillow at night to cure insomnia, prevent nightmares, and to heal mental problems and control temper. It also had the power to control evil thoughts, increase the intelligence, and augment business savvy. For headaches, the stone was warmed and placed against the temples or forehead to reduce the throbbing. The Romans also used it protectively during travel, to tame or hunt wild animals, and to dispel fear and guilt. Egyptians, who called it hemag, also carried it for protection during travel and ambassadors used it to safeguard against treachery and ambushes. Even the Crusaders attached the stone to their rosaries for protection in their travels.

In nearly all societies, it was considered a sacred stone. Identified as a stone of royalty and the bishop’s stone, it is still worn on the second finger of the right hand by Catholic Bishops. The Semitic high priests used it as the center stone of the breastplate, and used it to symbolize spiritual power. According to legend, amethyst was the seventh stone Iacchus gave to Appolonius. It represents piety and dignity. The Rosicrucians saw the stone as an emblem of divine sacrifice because the color was representative of suffering, passion, and hope. Unfortunately, in antiquity the word amethyst was applied to all purple stones, including purple garnet and purple sapphire so it is impossible to say how accurate the religious uses are.

Many consider amethyst a powerful stone for psychic ability. It has been used to ward off psychic and magickal attack, and medieval writers stated that an amethyst engraved with the form of a bear would drive off demons. Some stones have been known to lose their color after protecting against an attack. Conversely, amethyst is said to increase psychic ability or open up blocked abilities, and it is said to cause dreams and visions This belief comes for the Hebrew name for the stone, Ahlamah from halom, “dream.”

Ametrine is a combination of citrine and amethyst. The only significant source of natural ametrine is the Anahí mine, in eastern Bolivia. It occurs in veins in a dolomitic limestone.

In addition to properties shared with citrine and amethyst, ametrine has the ability to enhance harmony with the universe. In meditation, it allows you to reach the higher states more quickly. It disperses negativity from the aura and helps in the rejection of material pursuits. Ametrine also allows you to find acceptability with other people.

Druzy Quartz : Druzy quartz resembles blown foam. It is composed of small bubbles of quartz and occurs in a variety of colors, green, blue, purple, brown, or pink. Green druzy picks up its color from Malachite. Blue druzy comes from Chrysocolla, and “passion purple” druzy formed from cobalt.

Rose Quartz : Often referred to as pink quartz, rose quartz is one of the most common varieties of the quartz family. Since Egypt, much value has been placed upon it. Likewise in Tibet and China, where it is still a major ornamental carving stone. In Egypt, it was used as a beauty aid in facial masks. The Romans also believed rose quartz would prevent wrinkles and encourage a clear complexion. Use rose quartz to boost and build your self-esteem. It is especially useful in affairs of the heart, removing negativity and replacing it with love and comfort.

Rutilated Quartz : Rutilated quartz is fine grained quartz containing filaments of other materials, most commonly gold or silver. It is a wonderful stone for strengthening positive direction. This stone will also help you maintain close contact with family.

Smokey Quartz : Also called brown quartz, is mined commercially in South America. It may be used to increase endurance, remove barriers, and gently disperse negativity.

White Quartz : Though not usually considered a gem, white quartz can be shaped into a cabochon or faceted into beads. The Romans believed it had the ability to drain off excesses and used this quartz as a healing stone in the reduction of glandular swellings and fevers.

Yellow Quartz (Citrine) : See Citrine