The Power of Stones : Peridot

Peridot, Magnesium Iron Silicate, is a gem variety of olivine. It is yellowish-green, sometimes green enough to pass as emerald in dim light, hence one of its names, “evening emerald.” The word chrysolite was once used to refer to both topaz and peridot indiscriminately, but it is now simply a different word for peridot. This added to the confusion created by the fact that peridot came from the Red Sea island of Zebirget, identified as the legendary topaz island of Topazin. In some ancient writings, topaz means peridot.

At one time, peridot was considered more valuable than diamond. It was used in tributes paid to Egyptian pharaohs, and the priests of the time used it to repel envious thoughts from their minds. People of the ancient world told how peridot came to earth in an explosion from the sun. Interestingly enough, it is one of the few gem-grade stones found in meteorites. As a stone containing the sun’s power, it was believed that peridot could only be found at night when the stones would shine like the sun, though it was only ever mined during the day. It was also thought, to attain its true strength, peridot should be placed in a gold setting, the metal of the sun. Alchemists felt the best way to display peridot for the full benefit of its abilities was to pierce the stone however and string them around the neck in a protective collar.

The ancients accredited peridot the ability to drive off evil spirits and spells when attached to the left arm with the hair of an ass. Engraved with the figure of an ass, it bestowed prophetic powers on its owner. Inscribed with a vulture, it could control demons. The Romans wore is to drive off melancholy, illusion, and enchantment. Medieval knights wore it as a means of gaining foresight and inspiration, as well as eloquence.

Peridot boosts self-confidence and assertiveness and helps heal a bruised ego. The intuition is boosted by its use. It has the ability to relieve stress and stimulate the mind at the same time, while aligning the subtle bodies. Personal growth is accelerated and new opportunities present themselves to those who feel the influences of peridot. It may be used to regulate all cycles of life, physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, etc.

The glandular systems are balanced through the assistance of peridot. The heart, pancreas, spleen, liver, and adrenals benefit. It aids in tissue regeneration and the neutralization of toxins.