The Power of Stones : Meteorite

Meteorites are classified by their content. They are either stony or metallic. Metallic types or “irons” usually contain a mixture of nickel-iron, both metals virtually unknown on earth in their free or pure forms. They exist only in ores, chemically combined with oxygen, sulfur, or carbon. Oxygen is rare in space so metallic meteors rust rapidly once they come into contact with our oxygen rich atmosphere. They must be kept dry and preserved with care. The stony types are divided into the chondrites which are comprised entirely of stone, and the achondrites, a rare type (approximately 1% of meteorites), are a stone and iron mix sometimes with lovely olivine crystals imbedded in the nickel-iron matrix. The achondrites are thought to be the result of volcanic activity on Mars or possibly the Moon.

China considered meteorites to be sacred stones from the Heavens, and the Kaaba at Mecca is a meteorite revered by the Moslems for centuries. Some regard meteorites as helpful tools for communication with alien intelligences and distant planets. Meteorites can be used as a symbol of endurance based on their long travel and mode of entry into our world. Walk-ins or Star-seeds may find meteorites useful as a stabilizing influence in their “new environment.” It may also be useful in helping people get in contact with past lives on other worlds.