A Dreamer's Guide : Dreaming of Numbers

A dream of numbers can indicate an air of general unease due to unsettled business conditions. It is also a warning to be careful of your words and actions. On the other hand, Zolar's Encyclopedia claims that dreaming of numbers is sign of dignity.

Counting numbers foretells good news on its way, and counting people shows that you will maintain control over your affairs. If others are counting the number of people, your love life will be satisfying. Counting the number of people present indicates you will find satisfaction of your ambitions. Unfortunately, if you count but cannot find the correct number, you will be deceived.

If you recall the number in your dream, you may want to think about gambling just a little. You may have luck. Even if you do not remember the number, you may attend some social event. The following is a list of what some specific numbers mean (if you remember them when you wake). These are for the most part taken from Zolar's. You'll have to interpret them according to whatever else occurred in your dream.