How to make someone move away

This spell was written in response to a reqest for help on a forum to which I belong. Getting someone to move away would be an extreme response, but if you feel it's necessary in order to get the person to leave you or your friends and family alone, read on.*

You'll need:
* a doll -make one or buy one, but making it would be better
* a picture or person item(s) from the person you want gone
* a small magnet
* apartment/housing section of the newspaper, free house-for-sale booklets, or an old atlas

Make a doll of cloth (a poppet) or wax figure or use a doll from a store. If you have a picture of the person, write their name and known stats on the back. If you're making the doll, you can tear the apartment papers or atlas paper all up and use it to stuff the doll (along with the photo if you have one). Also put the magnet inside the doll before you sew it up.

If you bought the doll or it's not one you can stuff, get a small pouch and put all the personal stuff in the pouch and tie it around the doll's neck. Tie the magnet to it (over the heart or head); then wrap it up tightly in whatever papers you have managed to find.

Then throw it all away.

I'll explain the symbolism here a little... The doll's obviously the person you want gone, so you want to connect it to the person and your intent as much as possible. So attach the personal items to the doll or inside it. You want them to go, so you add the magnet -used in compasses (travel) and which has a magnet attraction- to make a "pull." You put this over the head or heart to form a thought or longing for other places; these other places are symbolized by the papers.

Then you throw it away because 1) the garbage men will take it away and you won't have to mail it to Abudabi (heh Garfield reference), and 2) this is someone you obviously don't like, so association with "taking out the trash" can only increase the symbolism of the spell.

*Note: This spell could easily be adjusted if you want to convince yourself to move or if a family member or loved one is hesitant about moving somewhere.