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          Some of these pages are pure opinion; some of them have been created by University personnel or come from other such respected sources. Enjoy!

Raising Fowl and Small Animals In Urban Areas....some good basic considerations.

Keeping Chooks in Suburbia Australian viewpoint.

History of the Humble Chicken....Fun and informative!

Chickens In the Neighborhood....even Hurricane Floyd can't faze these guys!

Araucana Poultry and Inner City Kids....a nice take on responsibility

Excerpts from The Poultry Yard ....published in 1878

Feathered Flights of Fancy....Why the best looking chickens don't go home with you

Treatment of Animals in Agriculture....might be controversial

David's Blue Egg Page...a nice read on genetics

          .....if you know of another poultry related article of nearly any kind that could be included in this links page, please send us the URL!!

Magazines we know and love!

Animals Exotic and Small

Small Farm Today

Mother Earth News

Countryside Magazine

Backwoods Home

National Poultry News

The Poultry Press

Feather Fancier