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          Poultry housing can take a wide variety of shapes and sizes, designed to cover an equally wide variety of needs. It can be as ornate or simple as you are led to become involved in; it can be scrapped together or commonly purchased complete or as a kit. Some pages offer just the plans, too. Many of these links will take you to pages of private fanciers who have included photos of what has worked for them.

Mulligan Creek Poultry Farm

A University of Nebraska publication

Chicken Houses I Have Known ...from Random Rosecombs

Small Scale Poultry Housing from the Cyberlibrary

Scroll down to this "Mobile Unit" link in the text for a photo

Forsham Cottage Arks

A sturdy little house from The Bantam Roost folks

Step-by-step photos and text from Backyard Chickens

Small Scale Poultry Housing from the Virginia Cooperative Extension

The Chicken Dragster!!

Learning to Drive a Chicken Tractor

          .....more links on these ever popular topics as we find them!

This page last updated June 28, 2001

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