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        .....not all hatcheries carry bantam chickens anymore. These links will take you either directly to the hatchery's home page, or to their page that lists the bantam breeds they carry, if they are set up that way.

Welp's Hatchery....since 1929---and new on the Web!

Belt Hatchery.....where most of our current birds have come from

Seven Oaks Game Farm.....these folks carry call ducks!

Privett hatchery.....good variety of banties.

Ideal Hatchery.....see about their breed posters!

Murray McMurray Hatchery.....long time favorite of poultry fanciers

Stromberg's Chicks and Gamebirds Unlimited.....finally on the net!

Heritage Farms Hatchery......good prices on bantams.

The Brooding Pen.....does specialty hatches; check what they currently have available.

Heartland Hatchery.....goes to their bantams page.

Morris Hatchery.....goes directly to their bantams page

Rochester Hatchery.....Canadian hatchery

G & K Exotic Farms

K & L Poultry Farm

Larry's Poultry

The Hatchery at Unicorn Woods....I've found this page tough to read; no e-mail contact.

Cactus Ranch Game Birds.....states that special orders are welcome

J Lee Cochin Bantams.....private individual, may have birds for sale