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          Purchasing commercial feed is not every bantam fancier's preference for a number of reasons. Some folks simply don't trust the contents and may even object to some of the ingredients. If you only keep a couple three birds, it may well be just as reasonable to mix up a bit at a time, thereby ensuring freshness and quality.
          Below you will find links to other pages on the web that address different aspects and concepts of poultry feeding in addition to a few recipes which Pocket Flocks has ferreted out---there will be more of those as we gain permission to put them up, where necessary.

Poultry Feed Formulation Web Pages

"Sources of natural chicken feed,
knowledge about traditional ways of raising chickens around the world and in old times,
putting health before profit in raising and feeding chickens."

The most definitive, inclusive page we've found on the web so far; really neat people run it, too!

A recipe from Cora's Critters

Growing Your Own Ingredients

Nutritional Table of Sprouts
Plans to build a Self Watering Sprout Cabinet
Insect Nutritional Table
The Fantastic Fly
Manure Fly Production
Rearing Earthworms
Raising Mealworms or Fishing Worms
Rearing Crickets
Info on earwigs...our banties love 'em!

On Line Companies: Feed Additives, etc.

Harrison's Bird Foods
Circle F Ranch SUpply
Ed's Pigeon and Poultry
FEEDHELPER (tm) Feed Additive Powder
Fertrell's Poultry Nutri-Balancer

Some other thoughts......

Foraging behavior in domestic fowl and crossings......
"Free Feed" from The Mandala
The USDA Nutrient Data Library keyword searchable database

We expect to add a form soon
that will allow you to input your favorite feed strategies!