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          People keep banties in a wide variety of circumstances the world over! Some of these folks also keep standards, or other animals; these links go ONLY to pages featuring bantam chickens whenever possible. These links are not in any order of any kind and inclusion to or exclusion from this list does not represent any endorsement by Pocket Flocks!

Dogwood Acres....cochins, silkies, OEGs and a few mille fleurs

Keene's Feather Farm....Plymouth Rock Bantams of Quality and Distinction

Bill's Poultry....buying and selling of Japanese Bantams

Creekside Poultry Farm....specializing in fancy show quality bantams

SouthFork Silkie Bantams...where Silkies rule the roost

Blue Ribbon---The Stuff of Champions...champion Old English Game Bantams

Mike's Poultry quality bantams

Warren Creek Bantams....a variety of birds

Schmer's Schicken Shack

3Peas Bird Farm....also on Pocket Flock's breeder's pages

Catapla Grove Chicken Farm....Gold and Silver Sebrights, plus bearded white Silkies

Vorwerk Bantams....article on The Coop with contact info

Taylor and Wyble Bantams...bantam Sumatras in all three colours!

Speckled Sussex....yup---in bantams!

Markley's Leghorn House....bantam white Leghorns

The Bantam Page....Welcome to Rock Haven Farm

Surfin' with Silkies....more Silkie links than you could believe!

Random Rosecombs

Matt's Bantams

The Ohio National....their bantams page

The Bantam Roost....bearded d'uccles

Critter's Farms....several banties

A and A Poultry Farm....specializing in bearded Silkies; also have Wyandottes