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Coop NameHen's Roost
Contact personBarbara Eiler
Address44 Gates School Road
New Hampton NY 10958 USA
Telephone(914) 294-5193
Please contact by:E-mail
Bantam BreedsMille Fleurs
Shipping specsWill ship eggs, chicks and adults. Will ship in the USA. Buyer covers cost of shipping and box.
Other Information

Coop NameWoodbrook Farm
Contact personR. W. Reagan
Address3339 E. River Road
Clay City IN 47841 USA
Telephone(812) 859-4693
Please contact by:E-mail
Bantam BreedsSilkies; black and blue.
Shipping specsShipping unwashed fertile hatching eggs all over the USA year round and day old chicks by special order. Selling price includes all expenses for shipping.
Other InformationAlso sell fertile hatching eggs of Standard sized white, black and blue Hamburgs.

Coop NameJaRaCo
Contact personRandy Henry
Address20800 W. Hwy 140
Stevinson, CA 95374 USA
Telephone(209) 668-8646
Please contact by:E-mail
Bantam BreedsSheriff line, White Old English.
Shipping specsI ship eggs, juvenile and adults when available. No baby chicks shipped. All prices are plus shipping and box charge, paid by the buyer.
Other InformationI have been raising Mrs. Golda Miller's strain of Jersey Giants since 1978. I keep all three colours---Black, White and Blue. I breed Rolle Henry and Rice sisters Exhibition Pekin ducks, Holderread's Exhibition Embden geese and a strain of Brazilian Black Shamos, show or go. Will be adding Standard White Cornish from Zac Worrell at Briar Patch Farm in spring 2001. I also breed registered Miniature Dexter cattle. Pedigreed heifers and bulls usually available, in Black and Red/Dunn. The only truly useful miniature dual purpose cattle! I only sell what I want to keep.

Coop Name...undecided
Contact personKim Jorgensen
Address9688 Pollock Lane
Salinas,   CA    93907   USA
Telephone(831) 663-3227
Please contact by:E-mail
Bantam BreedsPolish; Black, White, and White Crested Black.
Silkies; White, Black and Grey.
Cochins; buff and gold laced.
Shipping specsWill ship adults and hatching eggs.   Shipping will be determined on a case-by-case basis; the receiver will cover all costs of shipping.
Other InformationCurrently working on creating a White Crested Black Silkie.   Later in 2000, I will entertain orders for Mille Fleur, Blue Mille Fleur, Porcelain, Golden Neck and Blue Bearded D'Uccles.

Coop NameHen's Roost
Contact personBarbara Eiler
Address44 Gates School Road
New Hampton NY 10958   USA
Telephone(914) 294-5193
Please contact by:E-mail
Bantam BreedsMille Fleurs
Shipping specsWill ship eggs, chicks and adults.  Will ship in the USA. Buyer covers cost of shipping and box.
Other Information

Coop NameWarren Creek Bantams
Contact personAllison Reed
Address232 Warren Creek Road
Arcata,   CA    95521   USA
Telephone(707) 826-7123
Please contact by:E-mail
Bantam BreedsMille Fleur D'Uccle   many varieties of Old English Game
Shipping specsI do not currently ship; I only sell at local shows and to local people. I should start shipping birds out when I have enough stock to sell and keep for my breeding program! That should be around the fall of 2001 or so.
Other InformationI have pictures of my birds up on my home page; come see! I'm always willing to share my knowledge of poultry with anyone interested.

Coop Name3 PEAS Bird Farm
Contact personValerie Farris
AddressRR 1 Box 26
Cook,   NE    68329   USA
Telephone(402) 264-3720
Please contact by:E-mail
Bantam BreedsSilkies---white, black, blue, splash, buff, red, partridge, silver
d'Uccles---mille fleur and porcelain
Self-blue Bearded Belgian d'Anvers
Black Rosecomb
Frizzles---write for available colours
Shipping specsWill only ship chicks and adult stock.   Will ship anywhere in the lower 48---sorry, no Canada. Will ship C.O.D. or will calculate freight in advance.   Shipping using USPS rules.
Other InformationAlso available:
Standard Sumatras---blue and black
Peafowl--blue and white;
Quail---mountain and blue scaled
Sebastapol geese
Pheasants--red/gold, yellow/gold, cinnamon/golden, Reeves, blue-eared, Lady Amherst;
     ....and a mess of guineas!

Coop NameKeene's Feather Farm
Contact personKirk Keene
Address240 Body Barn Road
Anna, IL   62906  USA
Telephone(618) 827-4800
Please contact by:E-mail
Bantam BreedsPlymouth Rocks; barred, black, white and Columbian
Shipping specsWill only ship adult stock.  Please send S.A.S.E. for price guide and shipping details.
Other InformationWe have been involved in the poultry fancy for over 20 years and show extensively throughout the Midwest and Southern US.   Kirk Keene is a General License American Poultry Association judge (#1151).   We also breed Aylesbury and White Runner ducks.

Coop NameMarkley's Leghorn House
Contact personEric Markley
Address19454 Miller Road
Wapakoneta,   OH    45895   USA
Telephone(419) 568-7402
Please contact by:E-mail
Bantam BreedsWhite S.C. Leghorns and White Cornish
Shipping specsWill ship chicks and adult stock anywhere in the lower forty-eight; buyer pays shipping and box costs.
Other InformationI also raise standard S.C. White Leghorns and White Cornish, in addition to Buff Pomeranian geese.
Mr. Markley is the Secretary for the Ohio National.   Mr. Markley tells Pocket Flocks that, "The goal of the Ohio National is to get new people in the fancy, get them started with quality birds, and get them to the shows, whether it is the Ohio National or a 4H county fair. We encourage all people to exhibit and attend shows all over the country. We would like to have exhibition poultry to be the top attendance event on every fair ground and show hall in the country."

Coop Nameno name yet
Contact personSeth Scarola
Address45 Scarola Drive
Goldendale,   WA    98620   USA
Telephone(not given)
Please contact by:E-mail
Bantam BreedsSilver Duckwing Old English Game.   Black Cochins
Shipping specsI do not currently ship.
Other InformationI am currently in 4-H; my bantams won some good awards this year at the fair. I am planning to expand my stock, so next year I will have more banties. I also raise standard Black Austrolorps.

Coop NameBantams and Such
Contact personEric Underwood
AddressP.O. Box 1237
Dexter,   GA    31019   USA
Telephone(912) 875-3699
Please contact by:E-mail
Bantam BreedsSix breeds of Japanese.   Two Cornish Game.   Six Old English Game Bantam breeds.
Shipping specsSelling local only for now, but I'll work with a fellow bird lover as well as I can.
Other InformationI can be contacted for eggs, chicks and adults.   Also have Black Sumatras and a few Game Birds (Grey, Hatch, Kelso, etc....).

Coop NameChamberlain's Chickens
Contact personMary Chamberlain
Address40 Columbia Hill
Averill Park,   NY    12018   USA
Please contact by:E-mail
Coop Namenone
Contact personJennifer Near
Address4626 Udell Rd.
Vacaville,   CA    95688   USA
Telephone(707) 446-3590
Please contact by:E-mail
Bantam BreedsCrele Old English Game
Barred Plymouth Rock
Shipping specsPrefer not to ship, but will consider adult birds.   Buyer pays shipping and box cost.
Other InformationAlso breeding call ducks (snowy and black magpie) and American Buff Geese.   I have been showing birds since 1993 and have good quality birds.   Birds usually available in summer and fall and occasionally other times of the year as well.

Coop NameLittle Country Poultry
Contact personJuliann Budde
Address22716 Hwy 113
Wilmington,   IL    60481   USA
Telephone(815) 458-0123
Please contact by:E-mail
Bantam BreedsPolish, Sultan, Crevocour, Mottled Houdan.
Silkies; White, Black, Red, Buff and Grey.
Shipping specsWill express ship bantam juveniles and young adults, as available.   Refundable box charge.   Continental US only.
Other InformationI also raise geese in Brown African, Pilgrim and Grey Pomeranian, plus Impeya pheasants.   My operation is very small scale at this time; I breed for quality, not quantity, and according to the American Standard of Perfection.   I am a member of both the APA and the ABA.

Coop Name...undecided
Contact personJose Bravo
Address329 E. Houston St.
Coalinga,   CA    93210   USA
Please contact by:E-mail
Bantam BreedsOld English Game; Silver Duckwing and Black Breasted Red
Shipping specsWill ship adults, juveniles and hatching eggs.   Buyer covers shipping cost; contact me about box cost.
Other InformationI am looking for any OEG Bantams; please contact me if you are planning on selling any!

Coop NameFeathered Friends Chicken Farm
Contact personApril Niemela
Address179 Praters Creek Road
Pickens,   SC    29671   USA
Telephone....not given
Please contact by:E-mail
Bantam BreedsCochins; Barred, Birchen, White
Silkies; Buff and Black
Black Rosecombs
Shipping specsI am not set up to ship this year; just getting started.
Other InformationI also have standard Cochins in Partridge, Blue and Silver Laced, in addition to standard Comumbian Rocks and Silver Polish.

Coop NameK.D. Ranch
Contact personKaren Berezin
Address5202 Kincer Rd.
Damon,   TX    77430   USA
Telephone...not given
Please contact by:E-mail
Bantam BreedsSilkies; White, Black, Red and Buff.
Shipping specsI do not ship. Currently only selling locally.
Other InformationWe are just starting to raise call ducks. Will not have any available for sale until spring of 2001.


Coop NameCasa Rocca
Contact personMarc King
AddressValle Rebengo
Rocchetta Tanaro,   AT    14030   Italy
Telephone(39) 0141 6446688
Please contact by:E-mail
Bantam BreedsOhiki, a long-tail bantam
Shipping specsWithin the EEC, prefer that birds be picked up personally. Eggs shipped. All costs to be assumed by the importeur.
Other InformationAlso breeding Phoenix (of East German origin) in Silver and Gold Duckwing, White and Black (a new breed). Spring of 2001: Minohiki, Satsumadori and Ohiki.

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