Pictures of 1957 DeSotos from the 3D Picnic near Chagrin Falls, Ohio, 2017

It was a beautiful day for the 2017 picnic, and there were 11 DeSotos onsite. Owners of the 1957 models there were Larry Cola, Pat and Linda Caffey, and Lorraine and Ed Petrus (us!). Joe Starc was in attendance, but without his beautiful '57 Fireflite Sportsman.

Click to enlarge each preview.

This pic shows a lineup of the '57 and '58 finned cars, with John Nosol's '58 in the front of the row.

Here is a shot of the fronts lined up, with the Caffey Fireflite Sportsman in front, then the Cola Firedome Sportsman, and in the 3rd position, our Firedome sedan.

This is the fronts picture from the reverse angle, with our Firedome in the lead position…

These 2 pictures show the best parts of the cars (the fins) lined up!

I have to make special mention of Pat and Linda Caffey's incredible trailer, with the Forward Look logo. It was the hit of the afternoon!

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