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Here are more great pics (page 2) of 1957 DeSotos. Some of these I have photographed. Other pics I've downloaded from the 'net. If you have a 1957 DeSoto pic you'd like me to post, email me! Enjoy!

Click on pics to enlarge...

Eugene Lehman's Fireflite convertible Andy Garland's Fireflite Sportsman John Battistone's Fireflite Sportsman Fireflite 4DR /de/petrus/57desoto2a.jpg Adventurer convertible /de/petrus/images/578.jpg /de/petrus/images/1957des6.jpg Adventurer HT /de/petrus/images/572.jpg /de/petrus/images/579front.jpg /de/petrus/images/57gdaboop.jpg Jason Pitman's Firedome sedan Robert Angle's Firedome sedan Firesweep Sportsman Jeremy Owen's Fireflite 4-dr HT Adventurer HT '57 DeSoto pictures, page 3 Back to Ed Petrus' Home Page