Here are more great pics of 1957 DeSotos. Some of these I have photographed. Other pics I've downloaded from the 'net. If you have a 1957 DeSoto pic you'd like me to post, email me! Enjoy!

Click on pics to enlarge...

/de/petrus/images/jpetrusrear.jpg Ed Petrus' Firedome sedan Ed Petrus' Firedome sedan William Schoeller's Fireflite Sportsman Glenn Patch's Fireflite convertible Glenn Patch's Adventurer hardtop Glenn Patch's Firedome convertible Firedome Sportsman Steve Lichtman's ambulance Dirk Dales' Firesweep Sportsman - see his car's restoration at Firedome sedan Fireflite Sportsman Mr. Brocker's Fireflite sedan Firedome 4-dr Sportsman HT '57 DeSoto pictures, page 2 Back to Ed Petrus' Home Page

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