2001 National DeSoto Club Convention pics of 1957 DeSotos!!!

The National DeSoto Club held its annual convention in Doylestown, PA, August 15 through 19th. I believe there were 115 DeSotos there! WHAT A GREAT EVENT! Unfortunately for 1957 lovers, there were only three 57's in attendance, plus one '57 "wannabe". The 1957's and 1958's are similar and are placed in the same class for judging. The beautiful Adventurer below took the "Best of Show" award. Congratulations to owner George Wuszke!

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This is George Wuszke's Adventurer!
George Wuszke's Adventurer! Another pic of George Wuszke's Adventurer! George Wuszke's Adventurer's engine!

Here's a couple of pictures of Dawson Blackmore's Firesweep Ambulance. What an incredible vehicle! The front half is a sedan, and the back half is a wagon, but lengthened in the middle!
Dawson Blackmore's ambulance! Dawson Blackmore's ambulance!

Here's a picture that shows my car! Sharp eyes will think there is another '57 next to me. Actually it's a 1958, but the owner repaired it after an accident with the front clip from a 1957!
Ed Petrus' Firedome sedan!

This picture shows the lineup of the class (mostly 1958 models). Love those fins!
Fins from the 2001 NDC Convention!

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