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Here are more great pics (page 7) of 1957 DeSotos. Make sure you see all the other pages. Enjoy!

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A Firesweep on a pole in Aztec, NM An Adventurer Convertible formerly owned by Arne Nillson Jens Ingman's Fireflite (in Finland) Jens Ingman's Fireflite (in Finland) A single-color Firedome Sportsman Dave Kirkel's Firedome convertible! Another pic of Dave Kirkel's Firedome convertible! A Fireflite in Texas (has factory air!) A Firesweep Shopper station wagon John Georger's Firesweep Sportsman Another pic of John Georger's Firesweep Sportsman Ron Osborne's Firesweep Sportsman A nice Fireflite in Canada A Fireflite offered on Ebay 10-2001 A Fireflite offered on Ebay 10-2001 '57 DeSoto pictures, page 8 Back to Ed Petrus' Home Page