1957 DeSoto cowl tag ID (version 2, most common on Firesweep)!!!

I have a LOOONG way to go to interpret these tags, so please bear with me.

PLEASE, if you own a 1957 DeSoto, consider sending me the info from your cowl tag, and info about your car, so I may improve the accuracy of this page!)


Here's the cowl tag from a typical 1957 DeSoto Firesweep:

This stands for Solex Glass. This was an option on all models at a cost of $32.25. The word Solex is etched into the lower corner of all windows and the glass is obviously darker than non-tinted glass. At least one car I know has Solex glass but no code here, so I believe Solex could be had as part of an option group, maybe one of the M groups.

  • 4 - Your car came with Solex Glass.
  • nothing - Your car has non-tinted windows.
  • EW, M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, & M6
    Sorry, I don't know these (yet)!

    SEQ NO, SO, and NO
    I believe these are internal sequencing numbers by Chrysler Corporation.  They have little relevance to the restorer.

    This code details the model of the car, namely S27, Firesweep (but you already knew that!)

    This stands for BODY TYPE. Here are the codes:

  • 3145 4-door sedan
  • 3146 2-dr Sportsman
  • 3148 Shopper station wagon
  • 3149 4-dr Sportsman
  • I'm not SURE of the Explorer wagon code, but know it has "348" in it. If you have a Firesweep Explorer wagon, please contact me!!!

    This is the PAINT CODE, similar to the PNT on the Fireflite and Firedome cowl tags.  For more detail, and for color samples, see my web page on DeSoto COLORS.  The first letter is the roof color.  The second letter is the main body color, and the third letter is the lower body sweep, if any.  Here are the codes for the colors:
        A    Black, all models
        B    Lagoon Blue
        C    Seatone Blue Metallic
        D    Mist Green
        E    Leaf Green Metallic
        F    Dawn Gray
        G    Slate Gray Metallic
        H    Fiesta Red, all non-Adventurer models
        J    Muscatel Maroon Metallic, non-Adventurer models
        K    Sunburst Yellow
        L    Frosty White
        M    Light Aqua
        N    Dusty Orange
        S    Samoa Green
        V    Spring Special Spanish Gold

    This is the combination of material types and colors for the car interior.  Here's what I have so far:

        These are the Firesweep 4-dr sedan codes:
        504    Blue cloth/vinyl
        505    Green cloth/vinyl
        506    Black/silver cloth-vinyl
        551    "Special" Blue cloth/vinyl
        552    "Special" Green cloth/vinyl
        553    "Special" Tan cloth/vinyl
        583    "Special" Beige and Charcoal cloth/vinyl

        These are the Firesweep Sportsman codes:
        506    Black/silver cloth-vinyl(may have been available)
        514    Blue "Nugget Tweed" cloth/vinyl
        515    Green "Nugget Tweed" cloth/vinyl
        516    Black and Silver "Nugget Tweed" cloth/vinyl
        561    "Special" Blue cloth/vinyl
        562    "Special" Green cloth/vinyl
        563    "Special" Beige and gray cloth/vinyl
        564    "Special" Gray and red cloth/vinyl
        626    Black/gold vinyl (station wagon only)

    Here are samples of the "Nugget Tweed" cloth and the vinyl material. Click to enlarge.

    Sample of Nugget Tweed cloth. Sample of vinyl material.

    Sorry, I'm not sure of this one yet!

    IF ANY OF YOU KNOW THEIR MEANING, PLEASE EMAIL ME!!!  Again, If you own a 1957 Desoto and can send me your car information and the cowl tag codes, I'll try to piece this all together!

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