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Pics of 1957 DeSoto Engines!

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/de/petrus/images/jpetrusengine.jpg Ed Petrus's Firedome's 341 hemi /de/petrus/images/desoto81.jpg /de/petrus/images/576.jpg /de/petrus/images/57desoto1c.jpg /de/petrus/images/579engine.jpg Leon Haddix's Firesweep's 325 poly /de/petrus/images/57engine1.jpg Don Haack's Firedome's 341 hemi Fireflite 341 hemi Richard and Debbie Heath's Firesweep's 325 poly Greg Starc's Fireflite's 341 hemi John Battistone's Fireflite's 341 hemi Larry Cola's Firedome's 341 hemi A 341 hemi Fireflite in Finland To '57 DeSoto Engines, page 2 Back to Ed Petrus' Home Page