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Welcome to the Robyn Carlsson Main Page
Robyn, who's real name is Robin Carlsson, was born on the southern island of Stockholm, Sweden, in 1979, and spent most of her early childhook on tour with her parents' travelling theater group. She wrote her first song, "In My Heart," in sadness over her parents divorce when she was 11 years old and has been writing songs ever since.
Since Robyn's parents are divorced, she lives with one of them each week. She claims it works since they're living so close. She thinks being a child with divorced parents is hard, though she's not alone; 30% of the children in Sweden's got divorced parents.
She says that it's good to have idols, but one must have his or her own style. Robyn mostly listens to American Soul; her idols include Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Brandy and Janet Jackson.
The recording of the album "Robyn Is Here" began on Easter of 1995, when Robyn was still in ninth grade. Though she's not currently studying, she'll continue school in the future.
Robyn is looking forward to her forthcoming tour with pleasure; she loves to travel by bus and to live with people 24 hours a day.
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