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NoCore records

NoCore records is a new punk label in Minnesota looking for punk rock bands for a cd compilation called, "Radio sucks, That's why it's free" the line up so far includes, United82, SidebySide, Dumb Luck, Secret Agent Bill and ClockShot. We still need more bands!! No bands will be turned away. send dats, cd's to: NoCore records --158 Marcia ln-- --Lino Lakes, MN 55014-- or e-mail for mo' info. The comp is supposed to be out in early March, but it all depends on when we get the music. So bands hurry. All bands will be able to buy the comp for around 5$ a piece. You can also get a NoCore sampler tape for 2$. Band Merch SidebySide cd "Anthems for the Unenthused" 8$ SidebySide t-shirt "logo" L OR XL black or white 10$ send your hard earned cash to above address. We'll see ya at the shows!

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