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This is a homemade one and is quite brief


You wake up in Chrono's room. Go downstairs to talk to your mom. After she talks about Lucca the scientist, talk to her again to get your allowance. Now, you can explore the town. In the mayor's manor, you can find 200g (or 300, i don't remember). Check the town for various items. Now, go to the fair.


In the fair you must do various things to gain "silver points." You can bet on which racer is going to win and win 20 SP (there is a man standing near the bottom of the screen that predicts the winner. He is usually right), you can charge the bell for 1 SP as many times as you want, you can fight GATO, the singing robot (get 10 exp and 1 tech pt) and win 15 SP, or even do a soda drinking contest to win about 6-10 SP (i don't remember again). Don't buy items from the merchants yet!!! First, do what you want to. In the second screen going up, you will bump into a girl. She is Princess Nadia and will not tell you that. She just wants to walk around the place (kinda like Aladin). Give her her pendant and she wil join you. When you compete for SP, she may give comments and stuff. Its cool. Don't go into Lucca's invention center yet. GO to GUARDIA FOREST and fight the Hetakes until you get to level 5 each. In the bottom right part of the forest, there is a shining ball. Ther actually are two. Go for the top one, it shuold be a power tab. FIghting until level five should make you strong enough and make sure they both learn their techs, Cyclone-Slash, and Aura-Provoke. You should have about 1000-2000 G, which is good. GO back to Leene Square and buy what you want to from the merchants. The LODE SWORD from Melchoir is 4000 G so i don't think you can buy that. Just buy upgrades and maybe 5-10 tonics. Then head to Lucca's invention. Marle will stop you to buy some candy. Don't move or else she will snap at you!!! After, go to the top screen and enter the invention center.

Lucaa's Invention

Lucca and Taban (her dad) will be explaining how the machine works. After her talk, talk to her and volunteer to go through the portal. You go though safely and then Marle wants to try. When she gets on, something is wrong!! Her pendant screws up the machine and she is sucked into a WARP and drops her pendant. Taban will dismiss the crowd and you will volunteer to save Marle. You go on the machine with the pendant and end up in 600 AD.

The Princess

You will quickly be attacked by 3 imps. They are easy if you are at level 5-7. Keep on going through the small mountain range and fight what you need. There is a POWER GLOVE in a treasure box and various other items. Then, exit the Canyon. The music here is cool! Explore the town and find whatever treasures are there. Go through GUARDIA FOREST and level up to about 7-9. Its good to be built up. Go inside the castle and the guards will yell at you. Then a similar looking Marle will call them off. Go rest at the knights quarter and meet the king. Go to the left of the king and grab all the treasures. Then go into his room and you will find a BRONZE MAIL in a drawer. Now go back and head to the right of the king. GO upstairs and grab whatever you want. Marle will tell you that she is herself and that everyone calls her LEENE. She will disappear for some reason. Get the item in her drawer and head downstairs. Lucca will meet you and tell you that Marle is really Princess Nadia. Then you will see a family tree line of Marle's family. Go through the forest and buld up Lucca until she is level 5-6 and has learned FIRE TOSS and the double Tech, FIRE WHIRL. There is a bush where a "creature" drops a shelter. Everytime you go in, he drops one so you can stock up on those for free!! Go to the Cathedrale to the left and enter. You will find a sparkly ball (i'm gonna call em sparkly items from now). Get it. It is the secret Nagette Brunette (i forgot what its called!!!!!). Then you will be attacked by a group of Nagettes. Use FIRE WHIRL on them to kill them quickly. then play the organ to open a secret passageway. GO in and fight everyone! Good experience. Get the STEEL SABER in the main room. There is one room that is bordered with spikes. Push the skull and go into the room. Get the Nagette Brunette thingy in the drawer and you will be attacked. FIRE WHIRL is good for this battle. In a room with monsters, talk to them and one will go out to check on a statue. Follow it and you wil be in a room with people who are faking. To the right of the room is a hidden entrance. Go inside and you will see monsters singing. Get the treasures and prepare for a BIG fight. Use FLAME TOSS and Cyclone to beat them. After, exit the room and head up in the main room. Fight through and go to the right where you will fall down a staircase. Hit the skulls on both sides and get the items. Continue going until you hit a save spot. Save and use a shelter. Next you will fight Yakran!!!! He's pretty easy if you have X-strike. Use that and make Lucca either give out tonics to the party or use FLAME TOSS. After you win, you will be back in the castle. Go to the room where MArle disappeared and she will be back. Go back through the time gate and you will be home!!! You will have to escort Marle back to the castle.

The Trial

Return to Guardia Castle (1000AD) and you iwll be accused of kidnapping the Princess. marle will object but the chancellor orders him to be taken away. Next is a sequence where you are in a court room. Enjoy the music, its coolio. No matter what you do, you will be sent to jail so you can be nasty (you get to answer 3-5 questions in multiple choice form) or you can be an angel. After, you are sent to a jail cell where they knock you out.

Jail Time

When you wake up, you are in a cell. You can save and restore your MP and HP by drinking from the cup in the corner. Next, you can wait for about 5 minutes until the guards come and get you, but if you are impatient like me, you can bang on the gate until one guard comes in and knocks you down. You will hit him from behind and escape your cell. Then you will have to fight another guard. He is easy. In the next cell over, there may be a treasure, you can't get it yet. So exit the room to the right and you will fight 2 baddies holding shields. the key to defeating them is to wait until they pull the shield away from their face. You should be able to do about 150-200 damamge after that. So it is easy and they do not attack you much, unless you attack them first. Take the stairway on the bottom right and continue on. There are many treasures in a room. Fight if you must, you can wack most guards from behind if they don't see you, and get the items after pushing the switch to open the door. When leaving, you will be attacked by 2 descendants. They are easy. Go back the way you came and go to the top left door. Do whatever you want. Then go back to the four way intersection and head to the top right staircase. You may be attacked by some guards (i don't remember again!). Explore around. Fight the shields again and go into the staircase on the left (top?) that you have not taken yet in the new intersection. You can open a gate there and there should be a hole in one of the cells. Go into the whole (big bright yellow hole) and you will be outside. Climb downwards and grab the treasures. Then, in one of the rooms, there should be a black hole. Walk over if and climb down to get a LODE SWORD! Its pretty good if you don't have it already. Go back to the new 4 way intersection and go to the bottom right staircase. There is a room where you will see a man trapped. his name is Fritz and works for the store in your hometown. Save him and he will reward you greatly in the future. Grab the treasures and head out. Explore if you want. Once you reach a doorway, you will be attacked by a guy who looks like an executioner. He is easy. I tihnk his name is Omnicrone or something. After you beat him, he will say , "they don't pay me enough for this" or something. Head out and you will be in the room that the guard knocked you out in. Lucca will come and save you but finds out that you didn't need to be. You will find a note that tells you about the dragon tank, which is the next boss you will face. Check out my boss section to see how to defeat him if you are having trouble. Basically, go for the head, then the wheels or whatever. Its powerful so heal up with tonics and stuff. After you beat it, you will run through the castle and be chased by guards. Marle wil try to save you but the king will overpower her with his word. Marle joins you and runs away. You are now in Guardia forest with guards right at your butt. RUn to the right and keep going until you reach a gate. You will go through and be brought to a dusty place.

The Ruins

You will be in Arris dome. GO outside and into another dome.