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1000 A.D.

You start in Crono's home. Go downstairs and get your allowance from Crono's mom.

Go to the mayor's house and get the money from the upstairs. Talk to the people if you want to learn something. Go to the south continent to the Porre Shop. Buy whatever defense items you can afford. don't buy the sword. Now go to the Fair. Go directly up. Bump into the girl. This is Marle. Grab her pendant and give it to her. She will ask to join you. Say yes. Now go to Guardia Forest and fight the Hetakes (the mushroom looking things) and build your level to at least five. Go to the lower lower right part of the forest. You'll see a sparkling object. Press "A" above it and receive a power tab. Go back to the fair and earn silver points. However you like. you can fight Gato, bet on the races, the hammer challenge or the soda guzzling contest. Trade the points for gold and when you have enough, buy the a lode sword from Melchior. The Sword will help a lot. Four things to do at the fair. Don't ask Marle to sell her pendant. Have the cat follow you to the little girl. Don't take the pink package near the old man. And when you go to see Lucca's invention, Marle will want candy. Wait until she buys something. don't move until then. This will help you prove your innocence later on. You will want to get the clone buy paying 40 silver points at the Tent of Horrors if you want Crono back later. Get the cat for 80 points if you want kittens. Keep paying 80 points for cat food. When you get enough, your cats will have kittens. When you are ready, go to north to Lucca's invention. When Taban finishes talking, talk to Lucca and use the telepod then talk to Marle. She will disappear. Get her pendant and go into the past. Don't go into the right telepod or you will die in the hands of Lavos.

600 A.D.

You'll find yourself in a canyon. go to the upper left and you will be attacked by imps. there easy and cant do more than 10 points of damage each. Kill them and go though the upper left corner. continue moving, fight whatever enemies and exit. go to each building and talk to everyone. Now go through Guardia forest. tip: when you see bushes rustling press "A" in front of them and be attacked or get a shelter. At the lower left part of the forest you will see two sparkling objects. Don't go for the lower one. It will cause two roly riders to appear. Anyway, go north and go to Guardia Castle. You will be stopped by soldiers but Queen Leene will stop them from doing anything. Go talk to everyone ,Don't open any chests in the castle. you can get better stuff in 1000 A.D. Now head for the Queen's room which is to the right of the thrones. talk to the Queen to discover she is really Marle. She will disappear. Head downstairs and meet Lucca. She will tell you that Marle is actually Princess Nadia in 1000 A.D. but history has changed. Now you must rescue the real Queen to get Marle back. Go to the Truce store and upgrade whatever you need to. you will need 2 shelters, about 20 tonics and maybe a revive or two. Build up Lucca until she learns flame toss. Go to the cathedral and talk to the nun near the organ. You will then see a sparkling object. Pick it up and you'll be attacked by the nuns, who are really naga-ettes. Use the fire whirl combo to kill them easily. When you do, a hidden naga-ette will appear and strike Lucca. Frog will come to the rescue. Join him and leave. Go to Guardia forest and build up Frog until he gets slurp cut and learn the X-Strike combo. Play the organ to open up a secret door. Go to the right and go north. open the door and open the chests. equip whatever upgrades you get. go to the drawer with the egg on it and press "A". You will get the secret naga-ette bromide. You will be attacked. The bromide will not appear on your inventory list, but don't worry, you have it. above is a door surrounded by spikes. Use the skull on the wall to lower them. go inside. the bucket on the left contains a tab. take it. go to the left into the monsters' dining hall. The upper room contains three monsters. Try to leave and you will be attacked. Go to the right to find a door. don't talk to the monsters. Go up and open the chests. Leave and go to the center door. there is a save spot. save and use a shelter if you need to. Go to the right and fall down the stairs. go up and push the skull. go around and back to the save spot. go to the door above and you'll be attacked. Destroy them and play the organ. now go around and you'll find a new door. run though the enemies and to the save spot. if you need to fight, fight. use a shelter and save. now go though the door to fight the Yakra. The Yakra is easy if your levels aren't too low. Use X-strike and flame toss. recover with tonics. the fight shouldn't last more than ten rounds. Open the chests to find an item and the real chancellor. At Guardia Castle, Frog will leave. go to the queen's room to get back Marle. Go to the canyon where the gate was. Lucca will open it with the gate key and you will return to your own time.

1000 A.D.

Take Marle home to the castle. You will be arrested for kidnapping the princess. Now the trial will start. Depending on what you did in the fair you will be pronounced guilty or innocent. Either way you will be sent to jail and setup to be executed. When in the prison cell, drink from the cup and take the pack. don't bother the guards. And if you do, don't hit the guard back. If you do, you'll have to fight every guard in the prison. Wait for execution. Lucca will burst in and knock the guards out. Outside, release the man. He is Fritz, the Truce merchant's son. He will give you stuff later. Look at the unconscious guards to get mid tonics. When you see the supervisor on the floor, look at him for 5 mid tonics. Read the top secret document on the floor. Now go out. You will fight the Dragon Tank. To destroy the dragon tank, attack the head with weapons. Fire wont hurt the head, so don't use fire whirl or flame toss. After you destroy the head, go for the grinder. Then destroy the body. You'll now be joined by Marle again and you will run into the woods. You'll find a gate. Open it and escape from the guards.

2300 A.D.

You find yourself in the Bonger dome with a sealed door and the gate. don't bother going through the gate. The woods are blocked of. Go south to the Trann dome and buy whatever you need and talk to the people. Use the enertron and go north to lab 16. Caution: if you stay outside too long, you'll take damage. Pass through the lab and open any chests you find. They will contain weapons and useful items. Don't touch the rats or they'll steal tonics from you. The shadows can only be hurt by magic, so use fire whirl to kill all of them at once. Through the lab, you'll see Arris dome. They are waiting for food to be delivered from the basement. use the enertron and save. Go to the basement and look at the rat. Keep moving and fight the Guardian and it's two Bits. Don't attack the Guardian or be hit with a counterattack. Get rid of the bits first, recovering when you need to. When the bits are gone, hit the guardian hard and fast. If it's countdown reaches zero, it revives the bits. repeat the method to trash the Guardian. When you go into the food compartment, you'll find a dead man clutching some seeds. take it and look at him to read about the rat. Chase the rat and press "A" to catch him. He'll tell the secret code of the info center. go to the right console and press "L" and "R" at the same time press "A". Go through the maze and find the central computer. You see the time gate is in the Proto Dome. Marle presses another button and you watch in horror as Lavos comes from the Core and destroys the world. There you decide to change time to prevent the Day of Lavos. You give the seeds to Doan for the Jet Bike key. Go to Lab 32 to the east. You can go through Sewer Access to meet Belthasar in the Keeper's Dome but, you wont get anything from him. In Lab 32, you meet Johnny, an insect-like robot. Race him. Doesn't matter if he's winning for the beginning but went the very top meter reads about 20, you must turbo boost in front of him to win. When you win, go back into the race course on foot and get the race recorder. You don't need this device, since it only records your speed when you cross the finish line but if you get high scores, you are rewarded. Go east then south into the Proto Dome. There is an enertron inside if you need it, but you must fight two groups of debuggers. First a group of three and then a group of four. Keep going up to find a robot. This is Robo. Lucca will repair him and he will join you. Since the door to the gate is unpowered, a party of three must go to the factory to power the door and one person must stay to keep it open. I suggest taking Marle. The Aura Whirl combo will come in handy. Go to factory and have Robo deactivate the laser. An acid will fall and you'll have to fight him. Be careful. It has about 10 h.p. but it has an unbelievable high defense. Go to the right elevator. enter the conveyor belt and touch a robot. The crane will pick you up and deposit you on another conveyor belt. You must fight through three rooms of debuggers and Proto 3s. When you finish, the conveyor belt drops you off. Go down and fight the Bugs. Go to the computer room on the right to learn the crane control codes. go to the left to the crane controls. Press "B","B" to remove one barrel and "X","A" to remove the other barrel. go to the room you couldn't access before because of the barrels and use the computer. it will tell you the power activation code. Go back up and go to the left elevator to the lab. You'll fight alkalines and acids. destroy the monster that has only one in it's number since they can do a powerful combo attack. Use the computer to open the hatch. Continue until you reach another computer access it, fight the monsters and go down. activate the power by pressing "X","A","B","Y" at the last computer. Pull the switch to power up. Then run out since the security will go haywire. run to the exit. You will be stopped by Robo's old friends. They will scrap him for being a defect and come after you. Two cyclones will destroy three robots. use aura and aura whirl when you need to recover. You will take Robo to Lucca to be fixed. Go through the door and into the Gate, which will malfunction and send you elsewhere.

The End of Time

You end up in a room with three pillars. go down to the door and talk to the old man. you are at the end of time, where lost time travelers end up. Go up and the old man will say "Hey". Always talk to the old man when he says that. It means he has new info. Now he will tell you to go behind him. The door will be unlocked and you will see a furry creature. This is Spekkio. Answer his question and run around the room clockwise to learn magic. Don't fight him yet. He is tough. The old man says to go to 1000 A.D. but don't. go to mystic mountain. Go to the right and down Try to avoid fights. these enemies are extremely hard right now. Go east and visit each hut. One has a woman that will give you sweet water that recovers HP/MP. Go north to the hunting grounds and wait till it rains. Look for a blue creature. Talk to him to fight him. He is a Nu. He cannot kill you. His attacks only bring you h.p. down to 1. He has 1234 H.P. defeat him to get 30 tech points, around 200 exp. three petals, feathers, fangs and horns. The first time you beat him, he gives you a third eye. Do this until you learn triple tech delta force and learn Robo's Heal Beam. Then go to 1000 A.D.

1000 A.D.

You come out of a closet in a home of imps. they wont fight you. If you plead with the merchant or innkeeper, you'll have to fight. Go to the mayors house. the lower floor has a tab on the kitchen counter and another on a desk upstairs. Go west to Melchoir's hut. Buy upgrades and mid tonics from him. You will need them. about 20 should do. Go north into the cave. Fight through the enemies until you reach the save point. prepare for a grueling battle with the Heckran. Magic will hurt but don't use weapons, unless you want to die. use delta force to drain his energy. Use single techs when you need to use aura whirl. defeat him to find out about the connection between Lavos and the Magus. Jump in the pool behind the chamber and go to Lucca's house. If Taban isn't near the door, go see Lucca's mom. Wait till Taban comes up and leaves. Go down and get the Taban Helm from him. Visit Fritz, if you saved him, at the market. He will give you 10 mid-ethers. Go to the Fair and use the gate to 600 A.D.

600 A.D.

Go to the bridge and talk to the knight captain. Then go to the kitchen in Guardia castle and talk to the chef. When you leave, he will give you a power tab and a jerky. Take the jerky and give it to the captain. A guard will come warning that Magus' troops are launching an attack. talk to the knight captain and say you'll help to get a gold helm. Go across the bridge and meet Ozzie. Don't hit him, and use magic on the skeletons. At the end, you'll fight Zombor. Attack the lower body with Fire Sword. When you kill the lower half, he'll do a doom attack that drains some energy. Recover and attack the head with ice sword. When you kill him, he will use M.P. Buster to drain all of one member's M.P. Recover at an inn and continue. In the house with sparkling locked drawer, look at the drawer and talk to the old man. He'll trade you the secret naga-ette bromide for a tab. Continue south and head into the Denadoro Mountains. Go through the mountains. When you meet the creature that looks like spekkio, keep talking to him and he will give you a magic tab. continue down until you get to the save point. go all the way down and to the left, you'll find a speed tab. Find Masa and Mune's cave and challenge them for the Masamune. Fight only one of them since they are powerless apart. They will combine into Masa&Mune. He can use slash and will attack you. His most lethal attack is tornado, but when he is storing tornado energy give him a shot of Slash, which will neutralize the tornado energy. When you defeat them, you will receive the broken blade of the Masamune. Masa will send you down to the base of the mountain. Go to Tata's house and get the Hero Medal from him. Go to the Cursed Woods and behind the last bush push down to enter Frog's secret home. He'll see the Hero Medal, but not join you. He will move away from the chest. Open it to find the hilt of the Masamune. You'll read Melchoir's name from it. Go visit him to find you need Dreamstone. Go to the end of time and go to mystic mountain.

65,000,000 B.C.

You'll be attacked by a group of 5 reptites. They are weak against lightning. After that, 7 reptites will attack you, but Ayla will comes to the rescue and kills 3 of them. You can finish the other 4 easily. Ayla will ask you to go to her village. Go to Ioka and the chief's hut and enter the party. To get the Dreamstone, you must beat Ayla in a soup guzzling contest. After you win, you'll wake up and you gate key will be missing. Go to Ayla's hut and wake her up. she'll join you. Take Robo along. you'll need his Heal Beam. Get the strongest weapons and armors at the trading shop. If you need more items for trade, fight nu's at the hunting grounds. Go south into the forest maze. You'll find Kino, who stole the gate key. You must go through the maze and into the reptites' lair, because the reptites' stole the key from Kino. In the Lair, you'll meet Azala and you must fight his champion Nizbel. Nizbel can be hurt after you shock him with lightning. Hit him with your strongest attack. His defense will go back up. Shock him again and attack. Warning : Nizbel will throw lightning back at you. Heal immediately with Robo's Heal Beam.

Azala will give you back your Gate Key. Leave and return to Melchoir.

1000 A.D.

Melchoir will fix and give you the Masamune. Take it to Frog.

600 A.D.

Give the Masamune to Frog and he will join you. Take Frog to Spekkio and learn water magic. Now go to the prehistoric hunting range and fight Nu's until Frog learns Water 2 and you learn Delta Storm triple tech. now go to the Magic Cave in 600 A.D. and Frog will equip the Masamune and open a secret door. A bat will follow you. Go though the cave and read the soldier's note by looking at him. Exit the cave and enter the forest. You'll enter the Magus' castle. Go though both corridors and get back to the main hall, step on the save point and Ozzie's shadow will appear and taunt you. He will summon two Vamps and four Henchs, so be ready to fight. After that go to the left corridor. This is important. Don't touch any monsters and they wont attack you. At the throne, the people will turn into skeletons and attack. Defeat them to fight Slash, master swordsman. Attack him with X-Strike combos. He should be easy to defeat. But the fight's not over. He'll equip a sword and attack you again. Because, he can use techs like Crono's slash, recover with Lucca and keep using X-Strike. If you defeat him, you receive the Slasher Sword and a save point. Go to the right corridor. Talk to the children to fight four Shadows. Fire Whirl will get rid of them. Open the chest and get the treasure. Don't touch and people and go to the throne. Attack Flea ?? with Lucca since it will do M.P. Buster and drain all the M.P. of the member that's defeats it. The real Flea will then attack. Be careful. She can hit you with Waltz With the Wind which can chaos you. Recover with heal potions and attack with combos like X-Strike and Spire. Defeat Flea for a tab. Go back to Slash's throne and use a shelter to recover lost M.P. points. Go step on the save point in the main hall and be transported into another part of the fortress. The toughest enemies are the Outlaws and Jugglers. They can use Fire Whirl combo. The Jugglers start with physical defenses up so hit them with magic. If they don't die, they'll shift magic defense on. Then fight them with weapons.

When you meet up with Ozzie, don't attack him directly or receive a jolt of Fire 2. Attack the invisible henchmen by moving the target hand. The fourth one you defeat with send Ozzie to the basement and you won't have to fight him for awhile. Use the right save point to recover and use the left one to teleport into Magus' lair. Run down an enter. Lights will appear and you will fight Magus. Attack him with Crono's strongest attack. He'll change magic barriers. If he changes to Fire, he'll shoot Fire 2 at you. If he changes to Lightning, you get shocked by Lightning 2. If he changes. If he changes to ice, he'll crush you with Ice 2. And if he changes to shadow, he'll use Shadow Bomb on who made him change. Attack only with the magic his barrier is or he'll recover H.P. Attack with Frog first to lower Magus' magic defense and then attack him with whatever magic except when he changes to shadow. Then use Delta Storm on him. Recover when you need to. When he stops changing barriers and casts a spell, hit him with weapons. When you defeat him, you'll be sucked into an enormous Gate.

65,000,000 B.C.

You wake up from a dream in Ayla's hut. She'll leave and after the night, Kino comes in and then the North Woods start to burn. Go to the Laruba ruins and Ayla will leave. Get more upgrades for the trading hut. They have new weapons. Go north into the Dactyls' nest and go find Ayla at the peak. She'll join you. Add Robo to your team. You'll need his Heal Beam. Go to Tyrano Lair. Go to the basement and rescue the Laruba villagers and Kino. He'll open up the skull on floor one and you'll be able to go up. You'll meet Nizbel 2. Fight him like you did before. Meet Azala and you'll fight the Black Tyrano. Kill Azala first with Lightning and weapons. He'll use Azala Break, which will cause you to lose hits points every second. Don't attack the Tyrano yet. When he removes defense, attack him with you most powerful attacks, combos and all. But when he reaches one, he'll attack with a fireball attack. Heal with robo, and when he counts down again, attack him. When you defeat him, you'll fly of on dactyls and Lavos will crash into the Tyrano Lair and burrow deep into the ground. A Gate will have formed. Head into it.

12,000 B.C.

You be in a cave. The earth is in an ice age. Go east and into the Skyway. You be transported to the magical kingdom of Zeal. In Enhasa, find and open the elemental books in this order: Water Wind and Fire. A door will open. Go inside and challenge the Nu. 6 will appear and attack. Don't worry and fight them. They can't kill you. After you beat them, you'll receive two tabs. Go north into the Landway north of Enhasa and enter it. Go west to another Skywalk. You be on the other continent. Go to Kajar and find the elemental books and open them in the same order. Take the poyozo doll and get the black rock from inside. Go to the caves and go to the Castle. Tell the lady near the spring of recovery and tell her to plant the sapling. Her soul will reincarnate into Fiona's. Scratch the Nu's back. Go to the bedrooms and follow Schala into the middle hall where she'll open a door with her pendant. Go to the left wing and charge up Marle's pendant with the Mammon Machine. Now change you party so you have Lucca, Crono and Robo. Make sure they all have fire protection, like ruby vests. Head into the door and you'll fight the Golem. It's first move is Iron ball. Attack with the Fire Sword and heal with Robo. The Golem will counterattack with fire magic now, which will be reduced by the ruby vests. Keep using Fire Sword until you kill him. The queen will capture you and imprison you. Schala will release you but the prophet will catch you. You are sent through the Gate you came from and it will be sealed by Schala.

2300 A.D.

Go to the Future and open up the sealed doors in the Bonger Dome, the Trann Dome and the basement of the Arris Dome. Collect the treasures and pick up the tabs from the floor. Now go to the Keeper's Dome through the Sewer Access and open the door there. You find that Belthasar has passed away and has left messages. Go through the door and look at the top of the Wings of Time. Try to leave and Belthasar's robot will come with the seats to it and you'll name it. Don't use the epoch yet. Leave and pick up the magic tab and then go to the end of time. Visit all and open all the sealed chest in 1000 A.D. and in 600 A.D. (Check the miscellaneous hints, part 9, before you do this.). Don't forget the chest's in the magic cave and Heckran's Cave. And get the safe helm or the swallow sword from the Blue Pyramid north of Medina. Now go back to 12,000 B.C.

12,000 B.C.

Go north until you reach the Terra cave. Buy new equipment but don't sell you ruby vests. Go save and go into the beast's nest. Kill them with magic and when you meet the mud imp and his blue and red beasts, attack the blue on first. Kill the beasts then the imp. Go up the chain. Attack the rubble with someone with high strike points, like Ayla to get 1000 exp. points each. This is a great way to build up levels. You'll need high levels. Forty is nice. Have Ayla Crono and Robo on your team. Go through the mountains and save at the second save point. You'll fight Giga Gaia after some treasure collecting. It will start with Shadow attack and a fire attack. destroy the left hand and then the right hand. Then go for the head. When the arms are revived, they are at half strength. Destroy then left then right and repeat until Giga Gaia falls back into the Earth. The Guru of Life is Melchoir and you'll return to the Terra cave. Schala will come but will be captured by Dalton. Talk to Melchoir to get the ruby knife. Go to the skyway to the east and go to Kajar and talk to the shop keeper and say "No" and he'll sell you new stuff. Don't sell your ruby vests. Go to the laboratory and scratch the Nu's back for a magic tab. Now go to the Castle and the throne room. Fight Dalton. Be careful, he'll attack you with Iron ball, so be careful and fight. He will flee. Go recover and change your party to Crono, Lucca and Frog or Marle. Go to the Dalton's escape and talk to Mune. Continue in. hen fighting scouters, use lightning. On red scouts use fire and on blue scouts use water. Don't attack the scouters with other magic or they'll counterattack. Against the twins, attack Jinn's brother first but dont attack when they're near each other. After Jinn's brother is dead, Jinn's shield will fall so you can kill him. Go to the upper right and upper left rooms and step on the switches. Go down and step on the switch in the south room. Go to the door you couldn't go before and go through to the elevator. After the elevator, go to the right and left rooms and flick the switches. Then step on the middle switch and go in. Equip ruby vests and change your party to Crono, Robo and Lucca. You'll fight the Twin Golems. Use Fire 2 to make them counterattack. Heal and use Fire Sword until one dies and then finish of the other golem. Go to the mammon machine and launch the ruby knife at it. The knife will turn into a Sword and you'll fight Lavos. Die and the prophet, who is Magus, will challenge but lose. Crono will attack Lavos and will die. Schala will warp you to safety. Lavos will destroy Zeal and wipe out most of the land. You'll end up in the Last village. Put Robo in lead and change to whomever you like. Go to the Commons and be taken by Dalton. You'll end up in a prison cell with no equipment, money of items. Go up the ladder to find your on the Blackbird. You'll find a air duct. Go to the right and up. look in the grates until you see a knocked out guard with a treasure chest. Open it for Robo's stuff back. Go around and get your items, money, and other people's equipment. Go onto the wing and fight the cannons only if you have Ayla or someone with high strike points. They give out 1500 exp. points each. Have Marle and equip everyone with ruby vests. Go to the end and fight the GolemBoss. You don't need to worry. He won't fight back, but he'll run away if you don't beat him. You'll fight Dalton Plus now. Attack him with Ice tackle and he'll attack with fire magic. He will call on GolemBoss but will be sucked into the void. You'll destroy the Blackbird and land. Go to the Commons and talk to everyone. Go to North Cape and examine the sparkling object. Magus will appear and you'll see his past. He is Janus. Fight him to get an amulet. Don't fight him to make him join you. Go to the Epoch and fly. The Black Omen will rise.

Crono's Return

Go to the End of Time and talk to the old man. He is Gasper and he'll give you the Chrono Trigger. Go to the Keeper's Dome and talk to the robot. Go to Crono's house and get the clone. If you didn't get the clone before, you cannot get Crono back. Take the clone to the robot and he'll activate three robots to help you climb Death's Peak. Turn the robot off and go to Death's Peak and have three physically powerful characters like Robo, Ayla and Frog. Talk to the first robot. It'll turn into a tree. Hide behind the tree to keep from being blown of the mountain. You'll encounter three Lavos Spawns. Attack the heads only or the shell will kill you will needles. The last Spawn, push the shell the under the ladder and climb up. Then get Crono from the summit.

The Forest Comes Back to Life

The desert in 600 A.D. should have a whirl pool there. If not, go to 12,000 A.D. and tell the lady with the plant to plant it in the Commons. Go down into the maze. Go to the bottom floor. You need Crono, Marle and Ayla. Catch the Retinite and fight it. Use ice on the head and attack it with weapons. Use lightning on the eye the make it recover. When the head dies, cast ice on the body and attack that. Then when the body dies, kill the head. The forest should stop deteriorating. Pick up a power tab near the exit. Go to Fiona and leave Robo. Go to 1000 A.D. and get Robo from the shrine. By the powerful vigil hats for everyone. They will be a reunion and everyone will sleep in the woods. Lucca wakes up and finds a gate. Go into it and you'll be in Lucca's house. Go downstairs. Go into the kitchen and read the note. It says the password is Lucca's mom's name. Go into the main room and you'll see how Lucca's mom lost the ability to walk, but you can keep that from happening. When she gets stuck face the sparkling object. It will say to enter the password. Type in "L","A","R","A" to stop the machine. Go back into the portal and talk to Robo who will give you a green dream.

A Stone Shines

Go to the future and go into the sun palace. Wear red vests and ruby armors from the Ioka trader and get the silver rock from the Nu in the Laruba ruins. Fight the Son of Sun. Attack the fireballs. When you hit the right fire, it'll damage the eye. Continue doing this. But be careful since it spins the balls. When you defeat him, you'll get the moon stone. Take the moon stone to prehistoric time and leave it at Sun Keep. Go to the future and find the stone missing. Go to 1000 A.D. and go to the Snail shop in Porre. Buy the Jerky and go to 600 A.D. and give the woman the jerky. Go to 1000 A.D. and get the moon stone from the mayor. Take it to the Sun Keep and leave it there. Go to the future and have Lucca look at the sun stone. She'll make a gun for herself and Taban will give you Sun Shades.

A Rainbow Shell

Go to 600 A.D. and talk to Toma in the Choras cafe. You'll get Toma's Pop. Go to 1000 A.D. and his grave. He'll tell you where the rainbow shell is. Go behind his grave for a speed tab. Go to the Giant's Claw. Go get the blue rock inside and fight the Rust Tyrano. Attack like you did the Black Tyrano from 65,000,000 B.C. Get the Rainbow shell. Go to Guardia castle and ask the King to keep it for 400 years. Go to the future. Have Marle in your party. You'll find the king on trial. Go to him. He'll explain he's being framed. Go to the new wing in the east part of the castle. Learn of the chancellor's plans. Go forward and fight. You get a piece of the shell. Take it to the court room. Marle will burst through the stained glass window and prove her father is innocent. The chancellor will change into Yakra the 13 and attack you. Have vigil hats cause he can chaos you. Defeat him and Marle will apologize to her father. Go to the courtroom again and get the key from the floor. Open the locked chest to find the real chancellor. Go to the basement and Melchoir will make you new weapons and armors. You can get a rainbow sword, a prismspec and you have a choice between a prism dress or three prism helmets. The prism dress reduces magic damage by 1/3. The prismhelms lock your status. Go to the Blue pyramid north of Medina. You can get a swallow sword or a safe helm. The swallow sword increases your speed while the safe helm reduces physical damage by 1/3.

A Knight Slain by Magus

Go to the middle ages and talk to the patrons at the cafe. return to the present and talk to the patrons at the cafe. One man will offer you tools. Go to is house which is southwest of the cafe and get the tools from his wife. Go to the middle ages and give the tools to the man in the cafe. Go to the Northern Ruins and defeat all the monsters in the basement. Go to the carpenter's house and have him fix the northern ruins. Take Frog to the basement and have him put Cyrus' soul to peace and the Masamune will become stronger. Clear the upstairs of monsters and pay the carpenter 2000 G to have him go there again.Go to the sealed chest and look at them, but don't open them. Then go to 1000 A.D. and collect the treasure in the ruins and find the treasures in the sealed chests improved. Now go back to 600 A.D. and collect the treasure none upgraded stuff. Go to the Denadoro Mountains and have Frog lead your party. Where the Free lancer throws rocks at you go right next to the treasure chest. Frog will catch a rock and it will turn into the gold rock.

Ozzie's Hideout

Have shadow protection and head in. Fight Flea, then Slash. Don't go for the treasure in the guillotine room yet. Walk toward the staircase and an imp will take out the trap. Take the treasure now. Then from the stairs that lead up, go down and push on the wall south of the stairs. It will open up. You'll find a magic tab and Magus' strongest gear. You must now fight Super Slash, Flea Plus and the Great Ozzie. Take out Slash or Flea first. They'll attack with Delta Force, Fire Sword and Bad Impulse. Kill Slash and Flea runs away and vice versa. Defeat Ozzie and he'll go upstairs. Follow him and attack his invisible Hench to the left. You'll fall through . Climb upstairs. A cat will press the right switch and Ozzie will be defeated. If you go to the Medina, The Imps run the town and they are friendly.

Where Machines Originated

Have Robo lead your team. Fight the robots on the conveyor belt and enter. This is a great place to build experience. Go to the right through the dust chute. You can leave or fight the robots again. You get around 8,000 exp. every time around. Collect the dolls and go upstairs. Robo will meet his old girlfriend. Robo must fight her alone. Defeat her so she remembers and she will give Robo a ribbon that gives him 3+ speed, 10+ magic defense and then she dies. Go fight mother brain. Knock out two displays and attack the Mother Brain. Then knock out the last display. The factory will close down permanently.

Someone Close Needs Help

The person is Queen Zeal. You must fight through the Black Omen and Three giant mutants. To fight the Mutants, just kill the heads. You must fight Zeal. Attack her and use megaelixirs when she drops your H.P. to one. You'll now fight the Mammon Machine. Attack it like you did with the rust and black tyrano. Then you might fight Zeal again. Attack her head only. When she loses, Lavos will attack.

How to Defeat Lavos

He will take forms of the Dragon Tank, Guardian, Heckran, Zombor, Masa&Mune, Nizbel, Magus, Black Tyrano and Giga Gaia. Defeat them like you did before. Attack Lavos repeatedly and heal up and his head will fall. But you are not done yet. You must fight his core. Make a party that utilizes attack and healing magic. Try Robo, Marle, and Crono. Use Shock and Illuminaire until it dies. Make sure to heal with heal beam. Caste haste on everyone with Marle. Remember: You need everyone to have ++ magic defense. Now you'll attack the Lavos core. Use uzzi punch and confuse on the left bit to kill it. Now use Shock and Illuminaire until the middle bit dies. Caste Haste on everyone and use heal beam. The right bit will eventually revive the other bits. just repeat the process until the right bit dies. If the right bit dies, the rest of them die.

7. Known Endings

1. Revive Crono, don't destroy Epoch and don't feed the cats.

2. Revive Crono and destroy the Epoch.

3. Don't revive Crono and destroy the Epoch.

4. Don't revive Crono and don't destroy the Epoch.

5. Defeat Lavos in the beginning of the game or defeat him in Zeal.

6. Defeat Lavos after you rescue Queen Leene.

7. Defeat Lavos when you reach the end of time.

8. Defeat Lavos after getting the Masamune and recruiting Frog.

9. Defeat Lavos before he first lands on Earth.

10. Defeat Lavos during Break the Seal.

NOTE: Remember: there are endings that are slightly varied versions of this ending but are the basically same.